No Legitamatly Elected Republican President Since Eisenhower...



Cheat To Win!


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zapdam 4 years 6 weeks ago

Yes like Thom has stated , Nixon commited treason by derailing the 68 Vietnam/US peace talks by Johnston, just to make the democrats look bad and Nixon to ultimately win the election. That by the wat cost the lives of another 35 thousand young American boys and another million and a half Vietnamese mostly civilians.

Reagan another Republican who committed treason against his own country, by colluding with the Ayatolla to keep Americans locked in Iranian jails, again to make Carter look a failure and for Reagan to win the Presidency.

The George W Bush without the help of his brother Jeb as governor of Florida in 2000, knocking over a 100,000 democratic voters of the voting lists, skewing the results in his brothers favor, even then a right leaning Supreme Court 'awarding the close call Presidency to George W Bush.

Throw in some very serious dirty tricks by George H Bush Sr during his run for the Presidency and you're correct, there hasn't been a Republican legally elected to the Presidency since Dwight D Eisenhower.

Legend 4 years 6 weeks ago

This has all been well documented yet blue collar and middle class idiots still vote Republican. If you are in the 1% I fully understand why you vote Republican. If not explain it to me.

Legend 4 years 6 weeks ago

I never get an answer to that question.

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DdC 4 years 6 weeks ago
Quote Legend:I never get an answer to that question.

Poverty can lower your IQ,
Almost All Rural Whites are In Poverty

Then there are the religionist Homeskulers sucking funds from public schools. More of which are subsidized by Big Ag and Big Pharma. Racism and Bigots are coming back out from under the rug.

Alzheimer’s Caused By Loss of Cannabinoids, Study Shows

12,000 years of use as an essential endocannabinoid supplement same as Hemp seed being an essential fatty acid. Prohibition is sold and a trillion tax dollars have been taken plummeting the poor and majority of color. The ECS regulates the other systems back to where they function naturally. Drugs treat symptoms. 4 or 5 generations of forced abstinence has created (CECD). Sheople.

Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency

Symptoms of (CECD)

Larger ‘Fear Centers’ in Their Brains
More dependance on authority to keep them safe.
More blind obedience and serving without question.

The ignorance by absence of cognizant thought or reason, believers blindly following orders. Even when it is their own families farm getting foreclosed they shun or put energy fighting against Hemp. Bypassing Wall St and MalWarts. Most redneck states shop at. Save a buck in aisle 5 because aisle 3 and 4 prices were raised. Plus paying minimum wage and less hours to avoid benefits = Mo Profits for the Wartons. Voting for right to work cheap as lesser evil than not working. Because a CoOp is too socialist.

Blow up their mountaintops for Peabody coal, screw up the water, take all the jobs. Blame it on an Act of God. The media sells lifestyles and its paraphernalia products. Not information. Multinational Corporations selling cheap MalWart crap because it's made in sweatshops cheap. Importing cheap scab labor or prison slave labor. Someone pays for to save the rednecks a buck. They pay far more when their own jobs are outsourced.

But it is easier to blame the librils and big guvmint or skin pigments. Not big guvmint military or prisons. Just programs for those in poverty. I've said about giving people a staple like cannabis. Sometimes its like throwing life preservers at people who curse and toss them back. Sooner or later ya just gotta let them drown and tend to others. The Neocons are not exclusively Republican and Libertarian. Plenty of Dixiecrats and Blue Dawgs cashing in. Transnational corporations have no allegiance to American's or their Constitution. So a case could be made that they are invading the country from within.

7 States With the Most People on Food Stamps
West Virginia
New Mexico
District of Columbia

The Koch Agenda Brings Pain And Woe
To People In Republican Controlled Red States

Pro Life? Not even anti abortionists

They shoot doctors in church while more abortions occur from the crop dusting and dumping into streams contaminating wells. Fracking and clear cutting forests. Factory chemicals and mostly GOP wars giving huge profits to Halliburton and Cheney. The anti choice abortionists working for their masters to traumatize expectant mothers getting prenatal care by the clinic the religionists dream of blowing up. (CECD)

Neil Young's new album blasts Walmart, Monsanto...

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