"The corporate media doesn't really care about covering real issues that impact the public - like climate change or net neutrality - let alone covering those issues honestly or objectively." - Thom Hartmann




corporate media doesn't really care


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falbergsawco 3 years 28 weeks ago

I love your show. Watch it every day. I think you almost understand the ramifications of Corpocracy. But there is one flaw in your reasoning that occurs repeatedly: You state that corporations are killing the American Dream. That's true. Then you advocate for a political party to end corporatism. Political parties ARE corporations. We need an end to ALL corporations; *especially* political corporations. The Democratic Party is a corporation. The Republican Party is another corporation. They are both owned by the same Wall Street corporations that own everything else.We need a firewall between corporations and the State similar to the firewall between Church and State (For the same reason) To walk back the special privileges corporations have legislated for themselves over the last hundred years it will be necessary to criminalize any attempts by corporate management (the personnel) to "interfere" in the conduct of government. Make it a felony for corporatre reps to even talk to government reps. Nothing less will ever pull them apart. It could be done. But the Anti-Corporate Party ain't gonna do it. (They'd get arrested.) I wrote a 28th Amendment that would establish such a firewall, if you're interested. E-mail back to me and I'll send you a copy of it. The only entity The People need to incorporate is The United Sovereign States of America Corporation. Everything else is public utilities.

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