We are protectors, not protesters’: why I’m fighting the North Dakota pipeline.

“On 26 July, we were surprised to learn that the North Dakota permits were approved by the US Army Corps of Engineers to run the pipeline within a half-mile of our reservation. My tribal leaders have said that this is done without consulting tribal governments, and without a meaningful study of the impacts it will have. This is a violation of federal law and, more importantly, of our treaties with the US government – the supreme law of the land.” - Sicangu/Oglala Lakota, born in Rosebud, South Dakota




By all means stay home if you want, but don’t kid yourself that you’re not voting. In reality, there is no such thing as not voting: you either vote by voting, or you vote by staying home and tacitly doubling the value of some Diehard’s vote.” - David Foster Wallace

If there is a rally against social injustice if possible should we try to show up? If there is a march against someone polluting our environment or poisoning or detrimentally altering our food should we try to show up? If there is an out cry for someone that has been falsely accused or if there is a get together to help change peoples lives for the better, should we try to show up? If there is petition or an event to help our fellow man should we try to sign it and should we try to attend?

AND If there is a vote, which is a just way to possibly peacefully change this country for the better however remote, should we not show up for that too?




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Are You/We A Protector?


k. allen's picture
k. allen 2 years 39 weeks ago

Too many people are informed by fear-based resistance/denial and non-fact based opinion ... false advertising, political spin ... ground truths are easily obscured with so many distractions.

So much superficial sound with so little substance.
How often is the deep voice of truth ignored - or not even heard?

So much mis/dis/information. Who cares to see behind the scrim? Some will fight it to the death (clearly, not just their own.)

I do not want to see another generation of these wars between opposing factions (of every stripe.). Must I turn my head?

The challenges are huge - yet I can't see any way to address effectively other than individual awareness/responsibility.

I do not want to see people crowding the streets, getting heads bashed in, pepper sprayed, murdered, raped, and run into the ground for _any_ supposed reason.

I do not want to see mature individuals of conscience taken down, one way or another by those elements threatened by the mere thought of awakening to see beyond what we believe we know.

I do want to see a world aware ... transcending ignorance and fear ... healing from old wounds ... with love and respect for the whole body of life, and the universe that supports that life ...

peace on earth, good will toward all.

... do I ask too much ...?

See: The Great Law of Peace (New World Roots of American Democracy) by David Yarrow


zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 2 years 39 weeks ago

America has become a looney nation of 15 sec sound bytes , where the best sound byte wins.

k. allen's picture
k. allen 2 years 39 weeks ago

Sound byte is the language of popular culture, where no one has time, or wherewithal to connect and communicate, so abbreviated ways are devised and adopted.

We condense and adapt ... caught in the grip of gravity, drawn into the singularity ... every single one of us absorbed into the core. In time, white noise reduces to silence in the deep night of space.

I am one small person. I do not see it all. My world is woven with lies and corruption, so deep in the fabric of humanity. Does the political process offer real solutions? In some ways yes, some no.

The fact remains, I have the right to vote, and an obligation to exercise that right - hopefully, with conscience and awareness, for people who care enough to serve the best possible interest of all concerned.

For those who choose not to vote, as a matter of conscience, the fact remains that so many people have suffered and died (in and out of uniform) for freedoms promised by the right to vote - and still do.

As a citizen of this country, I have that right, and the responsibility that goes with it. For the sake of all who have given, and lost their lives, to further the dream - also, for those who are concerned, do have the right, yet are prevented from voting (one way or another) - for whatever good it does, or does not do ..., I vote.

k. allen's picture
k. allen 2 years 37 weeks ago

I got this in the email yesterday (excerpted):

"On the fields of Standing Rock in North Dakota, we are reminded of what’s at stake.

Just this Wednesday, Wahleah Johns and Mark Ruffalo presented mobile solar panels to the Standing Rock Sioux tribal elders – bringing clean power to the encampment of women, children and men taking a stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline. The exchange a powerful reminder that the world we want is within reach.

Then less than 24 hours later on those same fields, hundreds of peaceful, prayerful water protectors were surrounded by riot police, shot with rubber bullets, and painted with pepper spray. Beaten and brutalized for taking a stand against an oil pipeline that attempts to erase history and threatens to poison our water and further pollute our climate. The whole scene a devastating reminder of what we’re up against.

And exactly what we’re up against is what Leonardo DiCaprio tackles in his new documentary Before The Flood. DiCaprio provides a global tour with riveting accounts of what is at stake if we do not – if we will not – transition to 100% clean energy for everyone. And it couldn't have come at a more critical time."

"As we watch the images and videos of what’s happening in Standing Rock, I’m reminded of what DiCaprio said in his address to the UN at the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement: “Clean air, water and a livable climate are inalienable human rights. And solving this crisis is not a question of politics it is a question of our own survival.”

Working towards 100% for 100%,"

Sean A. Watkins
Community Manager




pkrause12249 2 years 37 weeks ago

Here is the CNN news today about artic ice...



President Reagan after an economic submit in Venice 1987?

Did the boasted plans in the speech work? As the United States changed from a factory driven supply side economy to a service focus economy, did it work?

The true scandals of the financial markets and deregulation of payouts short term gains and hypothetical accounting practices. Rating services that changed from experts to opinions that mean nothing.

The reduction of nuclear arms to a pending nuclear arms race for today and a perpetual war economy.

Looking back over the last 30 years where Republicans have controlled Financial policy (treasury, financial deregulation, free trade, quantitative easing, major financial crisis), US Congress (More millionaire representatives then ever before), War Policy ($6.5 trillion missing from the pentagon, huge terrorist attack on the nation "Ground Zero") and the people are the first generation that are more educated than ever before and with the least wealth than any generation before.

The Republicans have lead the charge to de-fund United States of America to de-dream America.

What do you think are things better or worse since Reaganomics?

Oh and information policy (corporate owned media and government monitored communication).

k. allen's picture
k. allen 2 years 33 weeks ago

... meanwhile, back at the ranch ...:

Winona LaDuke - Ojibwe

"Someone needs to explain to me why wanting clean drinking water makes you an activist, and why proposing to destroy water with chemical warfare doesn't make a corporation a terrorist."

"Whether we have wings or fins, or roots or paws... we are all relatives."


Fort Laramie Treaty - 1868

<< >> <<< >>> << >>
"As long as the grass is green, as long as the sky is blue, as long as the rain falls on the planet, these lands will belong to the Sioux."
<< >> <<< >>> << >>


<< >> <<< >>> << >>
"The Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851 clearly affirmed all of this land as sovereign, unceded territory belonging to the Great Sioux Nation."
Read more at :
<< >> <<< >>> << >>
This is also a person to contact... The police being used are local police and controlled by the state... The current state governor is a Republican.
<< >> <<< >>> << >>
United Nations investigating...
<< >> <<< >>> << >>

k. allen's picture
k. allen 2 years 33 weeks ago

If we build our dreams on lies, they will wash away like sand castles with incoming tides ... people of America, over and above all the things and stuff for which so many ((and so few)) give thanks ...

What truths do we celebrate today?





So, people, in most sincere prayer ... whoever we are ... whatever our faith ... can we pray to cleanse the waters of life from the toxins that poison our soul ... open the eyes, ears, hearts and minds of all people to recognize, and honor the ocean of life that is our source?

(( ... and clean it up - oh, and learn to keep our promises, too ... ))


k. allen's picture
k. allen 2 years 33 weeks ago

Tasunke Witko (Crazy Horse) - Oglala Lakota:

"The First Nations shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world; a world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separations; a world longing for light again. I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole earth will become one circle again. In that day, there will be those among the Lakota who will carry knowledge and understanding of unity among all living things and the young white ones will come to those of my people and ask for this wisdom. I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am at that place within me, we shall be one."



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