Do Trump Tweets = Jingly Keys?

Jingly Keys: Definition
1. A visual and acoustic distraction.
2. Therefore, metaphorically, an answer that tries to draw attention away from a difficult probing question, as if jingling some keys, especially when employed by a simple person who assumes that the questioner will be easily distracted.

Are the 1% fostering and using Trump Tweets and this technique to control our representatives and the media, to get what they want? Terrifying legislation is being passed while we are watching/listening to the keys.


Do Trump Tweets = Jingly Keys?


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Dianereynolds 48 weeks 3 days ago

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

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gumball 48 weeks 3 days ago

No, I think he simply has no filter. He just speaks whatever rambles out of his mind at any given moment.

Coalage3 48 weeks 3 days ago

The so-called 1% hate Trump. You know, he's an idiot, abuses women, and is not fit to be the president of the US. Plus, he is trying to do away with their cheap labor force otherwise known as illegal immigrants. In the last election, the 1% were clearly Hillary supporters, and that is not even debatable.

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 48 weeks 3 days ago

Jingle, jingle, are those keys I hear?

"The Trump administration announced Thursday it is planning to dramatically expand offshore drilling, opening almost all U.S. coastal waters to potential oil and gas exploration and development.

The Interior Department is proposing 47 possible auctions of drilling rights in stretches of the U.S. outer continental shelf. This includes the Pacific Ocean near California, opening up waters off the state's coast for the first time in three decades."

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