A loose but important transcript from Thom's show 1-26-2018. Pass it on.

"Why is it that we did not have net positive migration into the United States by people that were "Illegal" pre-1970?

Prior to the 1980s Ronald Reagan changed the law that said when employers hire people that were here without documentation, the employers used to go to jail. Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon and Jack Kennedy sent rich white guys to jail! Ronald Reagan stopped the policy. We now have rich white employers in the United States getting away with hiring people without documentation. Even Trumps ICE raids on 7-Elevens last week where not busting the corporate suits. They're not even bothering the corporate suits at 7-Eleven!

Today we have meat packing plants in the upper midwest, you have construction sites in Nevada and Arizona advertising in Spanish language "shoppers guide" style newspapers distributed in Mexico. They're going after the individuals who are experiencing poverty as a result of NAFTA. We have been exporting corn with multibillion dollar subsidies. We have wiped out over 1 million Mexican small farmers in the last three decades from being self-sufficient, to now living in adobe shacks in the outskirts of Mexico City. Abject poverty! And those people get a help wanted ad from a meat packing plant in Iowa, they say, "hey I'll go, I'll cross that river, I'll risk my life because I will be able to support my family!" And who are we going after? We are going after that guy who is just trying to make his life better? If we started putting rich white guys in jail once again, who are employing people who are in this country, without documentation, you would see the END of so-called illegal immigration. We don't need a friggin wall!

Canada doesn't need a wall. There are millions of Americans that would love to go to Canada and get free healthcare and a free college education. Canada will put employers in jail if they hire people without a work permit.

It's just that simple." - Thom Hartmann 1/26/2018

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