Please go to SIGN our PETITION to get a Ballot Measure on the NC 2018 November Election Ballot that reads:

Urging the United States Congress to amend the Constitution of the United States
declaring that constitutional rights belong only to individuals and not to corporations
or other artificial entities and that constitutionally protected free speech excludes
the unlimited spending of money on political campaign contributions.

If successful, North Carolina will become the nineteenth state to support the US Congressional "We the People" bill which includes both important parts of removing constitutional human rights from corporations, pacs and other artificial entities as well as removing corporations' right to use their money as "free speech" to determine our elections.

Already we have gotten legislation (S354 and H453) introduced. These petitions will convince the legislators to move the bills out of committee and onto the floor of both chambers for a vote.

North Carolinians have untoward difficulty getting the regressive majority to pass any bill that to curb the power and influence of the corporations that control our majority, our elections. We need help; please add your Tar Heel signature.


NEEDED from all of Thom Hartmann's NORTH CAROLINA AUDIENCE


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