Senior Housing Corruption

In 2008, due to the Recession, seniors (and many others) lost their employment. With the loss of employment and the arrival of poverty, many seniors (and others) were forced to move into Senior Housing or face homelessness. Despite many of us coming from a professional background, respected in the community, etc here is what we have experienced in our new housing situation.

  • Mgrs intercepted the police to prevent reports; if the tenant was able to create a police report without mgt blocking the effort then the content of the report was redacted.
  • Mgrs shredded Incident Reports thus removing evidence to further prevent police from making reports.
  • Apartment incidents requiring the police were not written up on the police blotter in the newspaper or on the Web.
  • Police always did what mgr wanted without investigation – including sometimes using excessive use of force as validated by the DOJ.
  • Mgrs used security camera feeds to monitor tenants like jail rather than for safety of the premises; when the mgr or maintenance man observed on the security camera that the tenant had left the building, then the mgr/maintenance man would enter the tenants apartment without notice
  • Mgrs would provide a blanket notice of intention to enter - minus a valid time period; else they would use an excuse like bed bug search, dog is too quiet or similar to enter. Upon entering, sometimes vandalism, theft and always violation of privacy occurred
  • Mgrs always befriend a group of tenants. Mgrs empowered this group to control the remaining residents. Thus creating an extra-legal group that discriminated via favoritism.
  • Members of the group were free to abuse, violate the other tenants with protection guaranteed by mgt. Abuses include harassment, stalking, vandalism, theft, criminal trespassing, animal abuse, etc
  • Mgrs and their group were free to be above the law and establish an anarchy since the bosses of mgt and the police/courts protected the mgrs and their friends.
  • Mgrs are protected by senior housing authorities
  • Inspections include going through one’s underwear drawer
  • Mgrs created fraudulent notices (eviction, 10-day, etc) for those tenants they did not like
  • Mgrs perjured themselves in court against the tenants
  • Mgrs, together with the police, involuntarily committed tenants to jail or a mental institution without having any qualifications or valid reason to do so. (Mgrs usually have only a high school education; rarely nothing relevant to property management or psychology at even a lower college level )
  • Mgrs do not perform background checks of tenants or staff before admission. Even after knowing that the felons/registered sex offenders were actively breaking the law there was no eviction
  • Mgrs do not follow senior housing authority rules yet are protected by the senior housing authorities; Mgrs block tenants from receiving what they are entitled to receive by senior housing rules
  • Senior housing mgt have low or no qualifications as apartment managers. If they have a requirement, then the requirement is fudged. In approximately half the time, the tenants’ educational level and qualifications far exceeded the managers’ level (Some are Doctoral level professionals; some have held security clearances). Yet, the managers - typically with a very limited experiences/educational background - RULE with impunity. HUD and other housing authorities refuse to raise the qualifications and continue to protect their violations
  • In most cases, the tenants have never broken a law, have never abused any substance, and are therefore squeaky clean. However, also in most cases, the mgrs are violating. Yet, the squeaky clean tenants are being treated as if they were the criminals while the mgrs are the people that need to be monitored
  • Any attempt the tenant take to obtain public records via FOIA is substantially or permanently delayed
  • Court judgments regarding tenants are delayed to stall further attempts at justice
  • Mgrs and housing authorities use mediation with the abusive mgrs and their protective housing authority rather than a third-party independent mediator. Despite laws being on the books, the judicial system protect the abusers rather than the victims
  • Judges protect mgrs by disallowing Discovery in court, ignoring perjury, canon law violations, etc
  • Senators advocating on behalf of the tenants and the law are rebuffed by the Senior Housing Administrators
  • Tenants, in some cases, are forced to take issues to the state supreme court to receive any relief. In one case, the state 89supreme court unanimously validated the unconstitutional issues involved with senior housing – among many other violations.
  • Disgruntled tenants are tracked by word of mouth (within or between the housing authorities) or in tracking systems even if the tenant moves out of the apartment. Future attempts at senior housing can be jeopardized; Retaliation for whistleblowers happens despite rules against retaliation on the books
  • Mgrs try to control tenants’ use of wi-fi and email by offering ‘free wi-fi’ then controlling the network and servers violating tenants’ privacy
  • Tenants are obligated to report if they are out of the building for any time period. The friends of the tenants must sign in and go before security cameras. Therefore, mgt knows the personal information about the visitors as well as the tenants. Thus making senior housing visitation barely different than visitation in jail
  • Mgt, after losing unanimously in the state supreme court, kept their jobs, then repeated some of the same issues regardless of defeat
  • Despite being mgrs of a bldg that qualifies as for Sick Building Syndrome, they have six-figure incomes and drive electric cars. The money intended for repairs goes into salaries
  • Firemen, appalled by the violations against peoples' rights also wrote a report citing the Mgr's behavior

The FBI Public Corruption Division and the ACLU have agreed to investigate.

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