The Civil War was without question caused by those who wanted to maintain slavery. Those in power - the slave owners - had a financial interest to maintain the institution of slavery. It is no different than today, we exist in a system that is controlled by the wealthy. Young men and women today march off to war based on the interests of a few.

Let us not forget that those who fought in the Civil War, those enlisted men (who were often illiterate) fought for a number of reasons based on the propaganda imposed on them. These men believed they were fighting for their homes, to protect their wives and children; or for their states. The yeoman farmers did not own slaves but fought to protect their homes. The enlisted men who fought were brave and were often not fighting for slavery. For many this did not become evident until some men were allowed to go home based on the twenty slave law. The Civil War was, as usual, "A rich man's war and a poor man's fight." Those who today espouse the idea that the Civil War was fought to maintain States Rights must be asked - States Rights to do what... ? Answer: Maintain Slavery.


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T.Wright 48 weeks 6 days ago

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but in my opinion I believe the south was fighting to defend their homes from invasion during the Civil War not only to protect slavery( it was slavery that started the war and the southern leaders committed treason because of slavery )but also from the penalty of treason of which their leaders committed against their own people . Anyone leavying war against the United States commits treason against the United States it is subject to a $10,000 fine and the death penalty but again someone correct me if I’m wrong thank you.

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