By the time we hear Tom's show here, it' over so I can never call in.

About HFCS: I got all of it out of my house in May. If you pay attention, you will be surprised what has HFSC in it. I have lost 15# and my cholesteral test showed my bad Cholesterol had gone down & the good went up. On a blog at HuffPo, I was attacked and most uncalled for for even suggesting it was due to that. I replaced soda with water & tea and I do use sugar and I am sure decrease in calorie intake has to do with it but the 15# is a lot of weight and the cholesterol?

We have to stop subsidizing the corn industry. It is outrageous what they have done to our food system.

Chris in Madison


perpetualchange 9 years 29 weeks ago

It is in my opinion ridiculous to blame HFCS alone as the root of all evil. Of course it is bad to consume it in quantity - same for sugar. You replaced your soda with water and tea, great! Why didn't you just go to the store and get Coke from the Mexican import aisle, made with sugar? Or dump 8 packets of sugar into your tea to compensate for the HFCS sodas you removed? You wouldn't have lost #15 pounds and lowered your cholesterol if you did a 1 to 1 replacement of HFCS with sugar. They are basically the same. Both concentrated sweeteners.

The problem is that, forty years ago, a fast food meal was a couple small hamburgers, a very small paper bag of french fries, and an 8 or MAYBE 12 oz. soda. Now it is supersized and the soda is 32 oz. It doesn't matter if the soda is sugar sweetened or HFCS, both terrible at that amount.

I am so sick of the myopic view of HFCS being the root of all our health ills that I could almost puke.

I do agree fully that corn should not be subsidized. It also makes factory farmed animals very cheap - the opposite of what they should be. Subsidize veggies and fruit instead.

I don't mean to attack you or say your opinion is uncalled for. I know HuffPo sucks to comment on their boards. I just think it is dangerous for folks, Thom included, to suggest our problems with obesity and health are only due to HFCS. Thom referenced a book that I read a long time ago called 'Sugar Blues', go read it. Basically you could replace every reference of 'sugar' with 'HFCS' and write the same book. Both 'foods' are not natural because they are concentrated. That is unnatural. Just as eating a sugar beet or an ear of corn or some sugar cane is alright because it is a whole food, eating their concentrates is not good. I'm sure chewing on coca leaves is alright too - just don't use the concentrate.

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