July 11-13: At Netroots Nation

The Hidden History of Guns and the 2nd Amendment Book Tour Is Coming...

  • Saturday, June 22: Los Angeles, CA 3:00pm - KPFK Speaker Series: Thom Hartmann (Stephanie Miller will be joining Thom) on The Hidden History of Guns. UCLA Dodd Hall 147, 315 Portola Plaza, Los Angeles - Get tkts here https://www.facebook.com/events/2263735727213646/
  • Sunday, June 23: SEATTLE, WA 7:30pm
    Location: Town Hall, 1119 8th Ave, Seattle (West Entrance) w/Elliott Bay Book Company
  • Tuesday, June 25: SAN FRANCISCO, CA 7:00pm
    Location: First Church, 2345 Channing Way, Berkeley w/The Booksmith
    Here’s the Facebook event:https://www.facebook.com/events/2418269571727663/And here’s the link to purchase tickets: https://hiddenhistoryofguns.bpt.me/
  • Friday, June 28: CHICAGO, IL 7:00pm
    Location: Frugal Muse, 7511 Lemont Rd. #146 (Chestnut Court Shopping Center), Darien
  • Saturday, June 29: MINNEAPOLIS, MN 7:00pm
    Location: Common Good Books, 38 S. Snelling Ave, St. Paul
  • Friday, July 12: PHILADELPHIA, PA 4:15pm - At Netroots Nation
    Location: PA Convention Center, 1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA

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Special Comment

Dear Mr. Griffin, Mr. Olbermann is not only the most puissant voice on your air; he is your networks most redoubtable voice against the opposition, the opposition that pushes their irrational right wing ideology that you undoubtedly and demonstrably have ameliorated by your actions. One need not look any further than your morning programming, three hours of nonsensical cacophony in thinly veiled sexist rhetoric to see which ideology you subscribe to. If you find these vituperative comments to be in anyway unjust, I would assert that my feelings on the subject are far less radical then those of my friends, colleagues and classmates. You have made an incalculable mistake by suspending Mr. Olbermann on the week that most of your audience is convalescing from the Midterm elections. Did perhaps think it would be a virtuous idea to take away the most cathartic outlet for liberals, I think I speak for many liberals when I say that while we enjoy Ms. Maddow, Mr. O'Donnell, Mr. Ratigan and to some extent even Mr. Mathews, Mr. Olbermann's voice was inimitable and your decision to silence it is reprehensible. Mr. Olbermann's actions were regrettable only to the extent that he did not disclose his donations to his audience, that is a trifling peccadillo and it would have been fair to ask him to make an on air apology, however what you did was deplorable, to suspend Mr. Olbermann because he somehow brought his integrity and neutrality in to question because of three relatively inconsequential donations is ludicrous. Mr. Olbermann did nothing that could be construed as licentious; Mr. Olbermann has always been unequivocal about his partisan take on politics. Mr. Olbermann’s honesty was both valiant and commendable, for you to argue that Mr. Olbermann suddenly adhere to your quizzical fantasy of neutrality is frankly stupid. Mr. Olbermann’s viewers are not the mindless troglodytes that you envision them to be, his audience understands the difference between advocacy journalism that he engages in versus the impartial analysis that Mr. Todd or Mr. Williams offer. If your intention was to duplicate the neutrality of NBC news and carry that over to MSNBC, then I dare inform you that you have failed wretchedly to achieve your goal. I see no problem in censuring Mr. Olbermann privately and suggesting that he apologize to his audience, however to go as far as to remove him from the network further reinforces the meme that network executives are benighted and out of touch with their viewership. I recommend you cease this pusillanimously bellicose attack on your audience, Mr. Olbermann has become an inveterate part of millions of lives and for you to release a statement where you unctuously rebuke him for an indolent act that candidly the majority of his audience would be astounded if he did not engage in is odious and your continued intransigence and insouciance on the subject speaks loudly to your audience. I appeal once more to your better judgment and advocate that you end this suspension and return Mr. Olbermann to your air. I am furthermore sanguine that if you do not heed this advice your network will be rebuked by the public and will be left with no option then to amortize its losses by reinstating Mr. Olbermann. Please do not confuse the torpor that some liberals showed in this recent election as a sign that somehow liberals are feeble and are reticent to let their voices be heard while this injustice stands. You have already heard a loud and clear censure of your decision; this is a harbinger of what is to follow if continue this quarrelsome suspension; I foresee your employment coming to an ignominious end if you do not adhere to the will of your audience. Good day sir.


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Here's what the feud and reconciliation between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson can teach us about civility

Thom plus logo Donald Trump did not invent the art of the political insult but he's inflamed the level of vitriolic public discourse and incivility to a new low unmatched by other presidents. In a tainted tradition that has permeated our history, other presidents have not been immune to dishing out acerbic insults against one another.