Listened today to Thom dispute the perception a fellow who happened to be in Iraq, I guess for the invasion. Thom brought up how Pres. Bush had turned down an offer to bring Osama BinLaden to justice to be tried. How GW felt the need to be a war president etc. Besides Thom's facts and the important fact brought up by an informed caller regarding one of the other reasons for invading Afghanistan, an oil pipeline, another significant reason we had no reason was that no Afghani or Iraqi were involved in the 9/11 attacks. The 19 attackers consisted of 15 Saudi Arabians, (our good buddies, following wahhabism, the strict, bronze age type of religion touched on by Thom) 2 were from the United Arab Emirates, and one each hailed from Egypt and Lebanon.

Thom and most of you likely are aware that no Afghani or Iraqi went into the twin towers or the pentagon. There was no good reason to create chaos, bomb, kill, wound and maim, spill blood and create enemies toward us by invading those 2 countries. It unleashed the anger and hatred we deal with today. GW, Rumsfeld, Chaney are responsible for the fears that grip Americans today.

And perhaps, if our country had shifted away from oil to alternative sources of energy in the 1970s when the concerns first came up, again, we likely wouldn't have had to be so involved in the Middle East to have created this swamp of toxins. Pres. Carter tried his best to shift us. Pres. Reagan symbolically destroyed those efforts when he took the solar panels (installed by Jimmy Carter) off the White House and knelt at the altar of the oil industry.

One could follow the trail further back in history, when the Middle East was colonized by the Eurpeans and then economically neocolonized by us joining the Europeans. The roots are deep.

Yet, today, to continue bombing, invading, killing and destroying etc. will not win the hearts and minds of the people of the Middle East. Donald Trump wants to stomp around and do more of what has not worked. What has been done only creates enemies. When one loses family members, friends, one's self respect in one's own society and culture, what is left, unfortunately, if you are a young man, feeling disrespected and without much of a future?


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