When I lived in England, one fine March, in Liverpool, I think, the nice Irish woman next to me said "Oh, it's so nice seeing the young folks keeping Lent!"

Well. I'm a vegetarian. But I didn't say "Lent What???" I said oh, thank you, and gave her a nice smile. It was interesting to me that enough young people weren't observing Lent that it's an issue, that I didn't muse as much as I normally do about how many religious food codes being a vegetarian accommodates. But the point is, I certainly wasn't depriving myself of meat - or even fish - to score points with Our Lord, his Mother, or his Heavenly Father. I was having lunch.

Similarly, whenever I hear a Repubiican (usually a talk show caller but sometimes a politician) talking about how hom-ah-sek-shoe-Al-itty is a "choice" or a "temptation" I'm thinking - Lent What??? In all seriousness, I'm not restraining myself. I'm not observing Boy Lent. My abstention from hitting on men has no salvation value whatsoever. But clearly, for them, it does. When I restrain myself it's something like a girl on the bus has a skirt that's hiking up and she pulls it but it bunches up and I don't look over there at her because, obviously, that'd bother her. That's about as far as I go on a typical day resisting sexual temptation.

And the bisexuals, the people in the middle of the Kinsey Scale, aren't a big public presence, are they? Maybe a LOT of them have ended up in the G.O.P. Maybe Michelle Bachmann is only a couple of peach wine coolers away from a night of moans and sighs with a female intern. Maybe it's all Steve King can do not to follow the leather guys from the Pride Parade into the bar.

If you're a bisexual religious maniac, it might be hard to understand either gay people or straight people who sympathize with gay people. Of COURSE it's a sinful temptation, you secularist fool!


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leighmf 6 years 49 weeks ago

All you young people ever think about is SEX.

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