The Intolerance of the Left

The Left is guilty, perhaps even more so, of the intolerance it accuses the Right of. The psychology of bigotry enables it to believe the opposite.

When a revolutionary movement succeeds and becomes the ruling party – when it ceases to be radical and becomes mainstream – it comes to be peopled by a completely different personality as before. It no longer requires courage to be an exponent of the movement’s principles and it’s no longer revolutionary personalities that don’t fear to challenge authority and the status quo to gain justice that it is primarily composed of..

It is now the fearful, conservative personality that takes its place – now that courage of convictions isn’t anymore needed to be a part of it – that fears freedom and tolerance and wants to stop challenges to orthodoxy, the status quo and the new authority. It reinvents the tyranny it overthrew and becomes it’s mirror image, only in different clothing.

This is what happened to the Christians when Emperor Constantine of Rome made Christianity the official, state religion of Rome and it no longer required courage to be a Christian. Christianity went from persecuted to persecutor and from being a movement of and for the downtrodden and oppressed to an institution of the high and mighty – oppressing those it before uplifted.

This is what happened to Marxism when it became the official, state religion of Russia. It’s what happens to reform candidacies when the reform candidate is elected and it’s what happens to almost every successful liberation movement when it is no longer the opposition.

Anarchists have a saying, “Whenever something becomes institutionalized it becomes so much bullshit.” That is what has happened to the Left in the Western World today.