Since the New Left of the '60s, Leftist political movements have been appropriated from the workers by bourgeois academics and made playthings of extreme self indulgence for privileged, pampered students rather than the life and death struggles of workers.
In the early stages of this appropriation, the '60s and '70s, we students were mindful of this and mindful of our own bourgeois privilege and entitlement and we would have never DREAMED of trying to define ourselves as society's or the world's primary victims or supplanting the workers' concerns with our own luxurious and relatively frivolous concerns in primacy of importance as lefty students so self indulgently do today. When one of us ever thought we were having a hard time the others would bring them down to earth saying something like, "My heart is BLEEDING for you, the South Vietnamese surely send you their sympathies!"
The U.S. is, because of its "exceptionalism", a much less socialist society than other technologically advanced nations and the authority of Left orthodoxy here, powerful and overarching as it is, is limited to the cultural realm and doesn't extend to political economy. It is, therefore, in actuality a tool of business elites to divert atention away from economic injustice and preoccupy the public with concerns about "diversity", e.g., Hillary Clinton obsessed about gender neutral bathrooms, for example, but wouldn't mention TPP and while Barack Obama campaigned for passage of the treaty right up until the 2016 election day.
A new political phenomenon has thus emerged, the right-left hybrid of cultural left and economic right in one if its forms as corporate Democrats, showing concern for diversity - which is, in many ways, essentially a fetish and preoccupation of bourgeois "leftists" and the bourgeois academy - and ignoring or giving low genuine priority to economic concerns about jobs and issues of free trade and illegal imigration - that are real concerns of workers who then naturally vote for a Donald Trump.
This also comes from the era of the New Left or new student Left of the '60s that took up issues such as racial justice, and later, issues of other identity groups rather than workers' issues of economic or class justice.
In the early period of the New Left, the 60s and '70s, the early period of appropriation of Left movements from the workers by bourgeois academics, Western Society and the U.S. were largely middle class societies with a large blue collar middle class predominating. Labor was very strong, and very corrupt. It had very much become "part of the problem".
What poverty there was in the U.S. was largely race based, that is, it was largely the result of racial discrimination. Thus the liberation movements of the '60s and '70s were mostly about racial justice rather than class justice and a class consciousness and sense of class struggle never developed in the U.S. after WW II.
So then, the new, student Left, being apropriated, as it was, from the workers by bourgeois academics, ceased to be represented by, and therefore, ceased to speak for the workers. Perhaps signified most formally by the "Love It or Leave It" march down Broadway in New York by "hard hats" (the contemptuous, n-word perjorative for "worker" used by supposedly leftist students of that period in some derisive allusion to the workers' lack of formal education and life of hard work in its stead) in 1972, the workers in the U.S. greatly diverged from, and even opposed, the New Left and the Left in general.
Meanwhile, after a time, the abandonment of workers and their issues by the Left had its time bomb effect, some years and decades hence, upon the Left's prospects in the United States. The racial and other issues of group identity taken up by the U.S. Left instead of workers' issues, that later came to be known as "identity politics", came to be charachterized by very apparent reverse racisms, reverse sexism, heterophobia and other reversed chauvinisms in Left movements and subculture and came to be seen as defining the Left, gave rise to the "Alt Right" phenomenon whose membership is significantly comprised of ex lefties who experienced instances of "reverse discrimination", as it were, and censorship or repression from self appointed, academic lefty authorities who presume to "know better what's good for everyone" than they, themselves do (and certainly better than do the "unwashed" - i.e., lacking in pleasant, bourgeois manners - masses of the workers) and who seem preoccupied with concerns of their own "comfort" and "emotional safety" to the apparent eclipsing in priority of other, more materially urgent, workers' concerns and thus now has a divisive effect upon society and the working classes and is used by corporate Democrats to divide the blue collar classes for their conquest by big business just as more frank racism and other anti group politics are by the Republican Right and to the same effect.
The triumph of business over workers occurs regardless of whether, red or blue T-shirts are worn and regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans win an election. You had, in the 2016 election, the blue collar worker voting Republican for Trump (and Bernie, who got robbed like the rest of us by corporatists in the primaries) with Rust Belt workers who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 and 51% of all union households, nation wide, for Trump and business owners and investors voting for Hillary.
The Democrat-Republican dichotomy is thus no longer relevant and must be replaced with worker-business definitions and dichotomies. For a strong workers' movement to resurge it is necessary for the academy, if it genuinely cares about justice for workers and workers' primacy and a worker controlled society - or if it doesn't (and, of course, it doesn't) - to yield its primacy and relative status and control of society and it's presumptious, self declared leadership of any past, present or future workers' movements. Arm chair Marxists have only a supporting role, if that.
The academy, however, that has by now infiltrated most all manifestations and institutions of the Left, even the remnants of it like the community organizing and labor Left which, until as little as 5 or 10 years ago, were still in the genuine control of workers and affected community members (and which this writer, therefore, used to call the "Adult Left" - as opposed to the "Adolescent Left" of the petulant, pampered and self indulgent academy) will not give up its patrimonial class hegemony over and, frankly, its class exploitation of the workers that is seen in its determined control and self assumed leadership over any ostensible worker’s movement commonly using Leninist vanguardism as its model - if also often without many of the original intentions of Leninism - without being defeated in a fight or struggle, as with any class hegemony or class exploitation.
That fight need not be bloody, however, it need not even be very openly confrontational, it could be simply a rehijacking by the workers, but it must be determined.


Tomas Sanchez's picture
Tomas Sanchez 1 year 49 weeks ago

Good article - agree with the evolution of socialism in this country, perhaps in a form unseen before in the history of modern societies. I am sharing this with my friends at

Thank you

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TommyBoy10 1 year 48 weeks ago

This was a great article - thank you

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Great article, thank you for sharing.


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Good read..thanks for taking the time to write it.

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Love how article hits both sides of the party line.

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irish1977 1 year 46 weeks ago

One of the better writeup on the subject. Gives both sides of view on the political spectrum.

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Infinite Wellness 1 year 45 weeks ago

Very interesting piece. I agree that the Democrat-Republician dichotomy is no longer relevant as it has become 2 heads of the same coin and therefore should be replaced. The question then becomes, with what? It becomes a bit murky here because we currently do not have a true capitalist state, what we have is crony capitalism. If history has proven anything it has proven that socialism does not work. How people can think it will be different this time is beyond me.

-Eric Hampton

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Mark Juozapas Saulys's picture
Mark Juozapas Saulys 1 year 45 weeks ago

Oh, but I have to think it's a facile, if popular, conclusion that "socialism doesn't work". That conclusion depends on the often willfully fallacious equating of Marxist-Leninism with socialism when even in Lenin's own time his was the minority socialist tendency and very unpopular among most socialists. Lenin was expelled from the Second International Congress in 1902 because of his authoritarian and totalitarian positions. After the revolution of 1917 his many critics were persuaded to withold criticism of his new, nominally socialist experiment so as to give it every chance and not undermine it and to prevent infighting within the international socialist tendency that experienced persecution world wide.
Socialism was very successfully implemented in Western Europe and those are the models socialists should point to.
Leninism enjoyed much popularity throughout the 20th Century because of its explicit condemnation of imperialism and and assertion that all ethnic groups have a right to self determination. It was perhaps the ONLY political organization in most of the world to support freedom and independence for the colonized peoples thus national independence movements throughout the world commonly adopted the Leninist model. The Leninist Communist Party was the only political organization in Paris in the 1920s to advocate freedom for the colonized peoples when Ho Chi Mihn joined it. It was similar with Mao, Castro and others.
Nice spam.

realprogressive2020's picture
realprogressive2020 1 year 44 weeks ago

Woohoo! This is the most concise and well written piece on the state of our current politics in The USA, and how we got to where we are. I agree with 100 percent.

The elites of 30's grew tired of Roosevelts new deal and his assault on corporate rule.

then Hitler came and Franklin had momentum. They vowed to never let another do this to them and we have watched them over many decades now return us to a class system of the haves and the have nots.

there is no LEFT its right and farther right thats your choice. Obama said its fish or chcken and the truth is its all fish and one stinks and the other is completely rotted.

return of the wobblies will be the only thing that will ever stop this momentum (or nuclear war obviousky) unfortunatley blood will spill, many will be jailed, even more injured and ostracized. its the only way. Martin would have never made much impact without Malcolm X. this is way bigger than race relations also. way bigger.

the reason why is in 20's and 30's there was real labor in the US. we actually made stuff here and we made really good stuff as well. Labor had teeth. A walkout was disastrous for the steel barons.(Carnegie) Today we can all walkout and they will just ship the rest of the jobs overseas whatever is left.The corporate types broke the back of labor inn the 80s by outsourcing labor, they dont need us, period full stop. however they are afraid of revolt and the closer to the doorsteps the more they temd to want to make patch attempts at solving issues. they will not relent without some real pain. labor has no power and has been rendered as impotent . Lenin would have loved these days.

One way outside possibilty is a charasmatic leader that is pure of heart. someone that understands this article you wrote but cannot be compromised by wall street...etc..

keeping this person alive would be the new challenge because i can hear Blackwater

looking for this person allready and they may not haVe been born

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Coalage3 1 year 38 weeks ago

From James Pinkerton writing in the American Conservative:

Just more evidence that the democratic party has now truly become the party of the elites and the 1%.


California State Senator Scott Wiener, a Democrat representing San Francisco, is an avowed progressive who has come up with a startling new doctrine to advance his leftist cause—the law of supply and demand. Wiener’s bill was aimed at addressing a crisis in his city: the lack of affordable housing. Today, the median home price in San Francisco is $1.6 million, about eight times the national median. The principle cause of this price inflation is the mismatch between the demand for housing and the supply of housing. That is, the surging digital economy has supercharged demand, while tightening limits on construction have enervated supply.

Wiener’s bill would have addressed this problem by partially overriding local zoning restrictions on housing density, specifically on height limits, in areas served by mass transit. It’s hard to think of a bill more friendly to the masses than that. Yet Wiener ran into a wall of liberal Democratic opposition—the vice mayor of Beverly Hills was a particularly vocal opponent—and thus the bill died on April 17.

Why the fierce opposition? Perhaps it’s because the dominant progressive voices in California are, in fact, regressive. That is, they prefer to protect the privileges of the landed—who benefit, of course, from high land prices—as opposed to the aspirations of the landless. It’s fair to say that this gentry liberalism—that is, greenwashed NIMBYism—is the dominant ideology in California. Bolstered by big money from tech gods and trust funders, gentry liberals have simply bought the state’s politics.

DavidShanks113's picture
DavidShanks113 1 year 38 weeks ago

The New Left counted a disproportionate number of Jews among its leaders and rank-and-file activists. In organizations such as the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the Congress of Racial Equality, the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, as well as in the Free Speech and anti-Vietnam war movements, American Jews pressed for a social reform agenda that valued "participatory democracy" and rejected institutionalized power.

By the late 1960's, Jewish New Leftists clashed with their non-Jewish counterparts. The rise of the Black Power movement alienated Jewish civil rights workers while the anti-Cold War ethos of the New Left turned against the Jewish State, deemed an "imperialist aggressor" after its decisive 1967 victory in the Six-Day War. While some Jewish New Leftists remained active in secular political causes, others translated the tactics and strategies of direct-action protests to particularist Jewish causes.

Sociologist C. Wright Mills first coined the phrase in his 1960 "Letter to the New Left." Mills sought to distance himself from the labor-centered leftist political ideologies of the 1930's, which were subsequently labeled the "Old Left." During the era of the Great Depression and Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, most progressive political activism centered on unionization issues and the rights of workers. Members of the Old Left embraced strategies that sought to realign the United States government's relationship to labor.

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DavidShanks113 1 year 38 weeks ago

At the 1962 SDS conference, Tom Hayden issued the founding document and constitution of the New Left movement, the Port Huron Statement. Named for the town that hosted the SDS meeting, the Port Huron Statement joined Old Left Marxism with contemporary liberal beliefs and the hopeful optimism of a post-war American middle class. It called for "participatory democracy" and pressed for direct action protests against injustices. "We are a people of this generation, bred in at least modest comfort, housed now in universities," Hayden and his SDS colleagues lamented, "looking uncomfortably to the world we inherit."

New Leftists opened a broad-ranged movement intended to challenge organizational authority and effect new systems of power and governance. They joined the emerging civil rights movement, engaging in direct-action protests they hoped would focus the world's attention on the injustices of southern racism.

In 1964, New Leftists claimed victory at the University of California, Berkeley, where the Free Speech Movement galvanized students, mobilized faculty support, and helped launch a national student-centered political movement. With Congressional passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, New Leftists turned their attention away from domestic issues and focused on United States foreign policy in Southeast Asia. They spearheaded the anti-Vietnam war protest movement, rejecting the Cold War assumptions of mainstream liberal America in favor of an anti-imperialist critique that blamed the United States for much of the world's economic inequality.

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DavidShanks113's picture
DavidShanks113 1 year 38 weeks ago

In the late 1960's and early 1970's, the New Left fractured beyond repair. Those on the liberal-leaning side of the movement celebrated the successful conclusion of the civil rights movement and the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam by stepping away from political activism. From the other extreme, New Left radical groups such as the Weather Underground Organization pressed for more confrontational strategies that included violent resistance, alienating their one-time political allies.

Though neither Tom Hayden nor most of the earliest New Left founders claimed Jewish ancestry, the movement grew to include a disproportionate number of Jews, including Mark Rudd, Jerry Rubin, and Abby Hoffman. Scholars estimate that Jews constituted between one-third and one-half of the New Left activists on college campuses across the country.

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DavidShanks113's picture
DavidShanks113 1 year 38 weeks ago

At a time when Jews represented just three percent of the American population and ten percent of those attending college, they constituted a majority of the New Left's most active members. Numerous social scientific studies pointed to strong Jewish influences in the nation's leading New Left groups. At the University of California, Berkeley, Jewish students lit candles during a sit-in protest that coincided with the holiday of Hanukkah. The Oscar-nominated documentary film Berkeley In The '60's features Jewish student protesters leading Israeli folk dancing during a demonstration inside Sproul Hall, the university's main administration building.

During the civil rights movement, American Jews joined a number of local and national organizations including SNCC and CORE. When northern college students ventured south during the 1964 Mississippi summer, between one-third and one-half were Jewish. Jews remained throughout this period the most liberal white ethnic group in the United States, lending their time, money, and political influence to combating Jim Crow.

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DavidShanks113's picture
DavidShanks113 1 year 38 weeks ago

The Soviet Jewry movement, nascent since its founding in the 1950's, enjoyed rapid growth in the years after 1964 when Jewish civil rights workers turned their attention to the plight of their co-religionists in the Eastern Bloc. In San Francisco, Jewish radicals staged a "pray in," emulating the Free Speech Movement's "sit in," to force that city's Jewish Federation Council to increase its support of Jewish education. Other groups such as Jews for Urban Justice and Breira – which counteracted the slogan in Israeli politics ein breira [there is no choice] – emerged as well, focusing attention on progressive political issues within the Jewish community. Elliot Jager noted, Breira shattered the barrier against JEwish public criticism of Israeli politices. At the same time, though, its dovish message failed to gain traction in the wake of Palestinian terrorism throughout 1973, including attacks in Lonon, Washington Rome. The group was never more than a small fringe group and it disappeared by 1977. In 1980, the New Jewish Agenda was established with an agenda similar to Breira. It survived until 1992, but also remained a marginal group with no influence in the broader Jewish community.

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DavidShanks113's picture
DavidShanks113 1 year 38 weeks ago

The West European New Left of the late 1960's differed in two respects from its U.S. counterpart. It lacked the reservoir of supporters among both the black masses and sections of the white population opposed to the war in Vietnam and it was opposed by the entrenched Socialist and Communist parties. The appeal of the European New Left thus tended to be restricted to amorphous groups on the periphery of society. However, the French students' revolt of May 1968 and similar, though less violent, demonstrations in Germany and throughout Europe, proved that under favorable conditions the New Left could act as an ideological catalyst and set into motion events of considerable consequence. Its total rejection of prevailing standards and social structures was echoed in the inarticulate, though widespread, misgivings about the values and workings of the "affluent society" and the "deadness of its culture." This applies to the well-publicized and opinion-forming sector of the New Left. There were, however, particularly in Great Britain, other, near-clandestine groupings that concentrated on disruptive industrial action, as, for example, Tariq Ali's Trotskyist International Marxist Group or the Socialist Labor League, which aimed at the subversion of the trade union and have been more disruptive than the 1968 student demonstrations at the London School of Economics and other British universities.

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DavidShanks113's picture
DavidShanks113 1 year 38 weeks ago

In the Federal Republic of Germany, the New Left's most important protagonist, the SDS (Sozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund) in 1969 repeatedly disrupted public meetings at which the Israel ambassador was to appear. Later that year New Left terrorists tried to blow up West Berlin's Jewish community hall during a service commemorating the 1938 Nazi pogroms. The revulsion aroused by these activities was criticized by their perpetrators, who, in leaflets, under the headline "Shalom and Napalm," deplored the guilt feelings of the German Left toward the Jews as "neurotic, backward-looking anti-Fascism" disregarding the "non-justifiability of the state of Israel." German New Left leaders, such as Ulrike Meinhof of the left-wing weekly Konkret and Dieter Kunzelmann of West Berlin's Kommune I, joined the Palestinian fedayeen in Amman and inveighed against "bourgeois Germany's Judenkomplex." Except in the universities, the German New Left remained a negligible factor and failed to gain working-class support. Similar tendencies were at work in Italy, where such New Left organizations as Lotta Continua were militantly "anti-Zionist."

In France, in May 1968, the New Left students' revolt led to nationwide strikes, a grave government crisis, and contributed to the eventual resignation of President de Gaulle (June 1969). Among the student leaders were many Jews, such as Alain Krivine, Marc Kravetz, Alain Geismar, and Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who, as "Red Danny," became the figurehead of the uprising. Although their Jewishness did not induce them to follow an independent line on the Arab-Israel conflict, it sufficed to revive antisemitic resentments on either side of the political spectrum. Attacks against the German-Jew Cohn-Bendit and slogans like "France for the French" were once countered by students chanting "We are all German Jews." The French New Left succeeded temporarily in involving the workers in its struggle, but the subsequent leftist (old and new) defeat at the polls ended its role as a significant political factor. Characteristically it was the non-Jew Sartre who opposed the New Left anti-Israel slogans. It is absurd to pretend, he maintained, that "Israel is an imperialist state and that the Arabs are socialists, including their feudal states."

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nimblecivet 1 year 35 weeks ago

We need to find some way to solve this issue because its being exploited by the likes of David Brooks who recently wrote a column accusing Sanders of being anti-immigrant which is obviously false. This is the flip side of the argument from the mainstream view: that somehow the bourgoisie is the front for social justice while populism of any sort is always some kind of autocratic or dictatorial movement ('anti-liberal'). Thing is, socialists have always been aware of the reality that it is capitalism that has created and maintained "identity" groups in order to create exploitative and oppressive conditions. I think you recognize this since you criticize the labor movement as having "become part of the problem"; that is, the white working class labor movement no longer was moving in the direction of solidarity with further marginalized groups at home and abroad. Part of this was a reaction against left extremism but Marxist philosophies were losing ground on the theoretical front to social-democratic paradigms. Those paradigms are still the ones most people look toward and will continue to do so until anarchists develop and propagate well-rounded theories of private property (personal) and currency (acceptance of the market under governed conditions). Until then, naturally people interested in social justice will continue to look at gaining a greater share of the market (increased levels of employment, pay, wealth) as the answer.

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stockportplumbersk 1 year 34 weeks ago

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zapdam. 1 year 34 weeks ago


Interesting reading from SIX YEARS ago.

2012. For Republicans struggling to understand their defeat at the polls, the most chilling statistic in this week’s presidential election was this: Mitt Romney won the biggest share of the white vote that any Republican White House contender ever has — and he still lost.

In an election battle that was defined as much as anything by race, Mitt Romney won the support of 59 per cent of whites, but just 27 per cent of Latinos, 26 per cent of Asian-Americans and 6 per cent of African-Americans.

Thirty years ago, being unpopular with ethnic minorities would hardly have stopped a white establishment candidate like Romney from trouncing Barack Obama. But back then, whites accounted for almost 90 per cent of voters. Now they make up just 72 per cent of the electorate, and that figure is shrinking by the year.

The evidence of this demographic timebomb, which is likely to alter the face and character of the U.S. far more fundamentally than any number of elections, was made plain in the summer in a new report by the U.S. Census Bureau.

It revealed that for the first time in American history, ethnic minorities now account for more than half the babies born in the U.S.

Of the four million children born in the year to July 2011, 50.4 per cent were ethnic minorities — black, Asian, mixed-race and, above all, Hispanic.

It was a long-expected milestone on the road to an America in which, according to experts, within 30 years whites will no longer be the majority.

Rather, the U.S. will boast 130 million Hispanics, more than the current population of Mexico. Among under 18-year-olds, whites will become a minority as early as 2019.

Liberals wedded to a multi-ethnic future insist it will be an opportunity to reinvigorate the U.S., creating a more diversified, open-minded and 21st century country.

At the other extreme are conservatives who believe the ‘death’ of white America spells cultural, economic and political doom for their country, and an end to the values of self-sufficiency that made their country great. And in between the two extremes are most rank-and-file Americans, who understand that the U.S. needs new blood if it is to avoid Japan and Europe’s economic nightmare of an ageing population, but who are worried by the implications of what has been dubbed the ‘browning’ of the U.S.

Read more:
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zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 1 year 34 weeks ago


From the tumblr of Marvel Comics editor Tom Breevort comes this edition of the classic column Stan's Soapbox, in which Stan Lee lets loose on the evils of bigotry. At this time when efforts at inclusion from the major publishers often face vocal pushback from those with less forward-thinking viewpoints, it's important to remember that Marvel is based on a foundation of progressivism, whether it's the X-Men's underlying metaphor for society's animosity towards The Other or Captain America's FDR-inspired brand of New Deal liberalism.

WRITTEN 50 years ago by Stan Lee now 95 years old.

Let’s lay it right on the line. Bigotry and racism are among the deadliest social ills plaguing the world today. But, unlike a team of costumed super-villains, they can’t be halted with a punch in the snoot, or a zap from a ray gun. The only way to destroy them is to expose them – to reveal them for the insidious evils they really are. The bigot is an unreasoning hater – one who hates blindly, fanatically, indiscriminately. If his hang-up is black men, he hates ALL black men. If a redhead once offended him, he hates ALL redheads. If some foreigner beat him to a job, he’s down on ALL foreigners. He hates people he’s never seen – people he’s never known – with equal intensity – with equal venom. Now, we’re not trying to say it’s unreasonable for one human being to bug another. But, although anyone has the right to dislike another individual, it’s totally irrational, patently insane to condemn an entire race – to despise an entire nation – to vilify an entire religion. Sooner or later, we must learn to judge each other on our own merits. Sooner or later, if man is ever to be worthy of his destiny, we must fill out hearts with tolerance. For then, and only then, will we be truly worthy of the concept that man was created in the image of God – a God who calls us ALL – His children.

Pax et Justitia,

zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 1 year 34 weeks ago

When George W Bush took office in 2001 ,Americas debt was just under 5 trillion dollars and falling. By the time Bush and his neo cons were booted out of office, he and his right wing buddies had run up Americas debt to 11.5 trillion dollars and climbing and that didn't include 3 trillion in war debt, that George W and his republican pals deliberately kept off the 'books'.. During the Republican 8 year reign, from 2001 till Jan 2009, the right wing nearly economically destroyed America and the world, plunging us all into what would have been histories greatest most destructive world wide depression.

It all started with the collapse the right wing orchestrated unregulated housing market. that found most Americans holding mortgages now worth double the newly appraised housing value and that's only if they were lucky enough not to be one of the millions being foreclosed on and finding themselves on the curb homeless with their belongings.

Then of course under Bush the right wing had through deregulation steered the banking sector into self destruction , on the verge of taking down the American economy and the rest of the world with it. Add to this Wall Street stock market then at 600 was on its knees and near collapse.

Then there was 50 million Americans with no health care , 35 thousand uninsured Americans needlessly dying each year of treatable illness, while multi million dollar CEO's of HMO corporations with right wing blessing, were allowed to cherry pick the US population for the best profits.

Americas 3 big auto makers were on the verge of bankruptcy ,destroying 3 million auto sector jobs. The banks , the car makers and Wall Street only surviving because they received hundreds of billions in cash transfusions from American tax payer , no string attached. Americans now shown proof of the reality in the old saying of "capitalism for the poor, socialism for the rich", just the opposite that the scolding corporate media continually shoves in the face of frustrated Americans.

By the time it was almost all over as Bush was being shown the door by the American voters, the US economy was circling the drain , 800 thousand Americans were losing their jobs each month and America was mired in 2 costly needless neo con unwinnable wars, that would in the end kill over one million 3 hundred thousand civilians and 8 thousand US servicemen , destabilize a whole Mid East region , that would ultimately see rise the fanatical thugs called ISIS and leave America the world image of a torture state.

So in the following years, how did Americans punish, spank , the Republicans for their incompetence, their corruption and their down right stupidity? Why they re-elected them in even greater numbers, till both the House and the Senate were chock full of right wingers, each rewarded handsomely with yearly salaries averaging a quarter of a million dollars , including perks, free health care, lavish pensions and whose first order of business would be to usher in a 'do nothing ' Obama obstructionist 8 year strike , refusing to earn that near quarter million a year they were each being paid.

But this time these right wingers were even crazier than the last bunch, if that could even be possible. Now in 2016 the 'new' Republicans sporting the likes of Donald Trump their front runner, Canadian born Ted Cruz and tiny Marco Rubio with the worst attendance record in government, are again threatening to take the reigns of government and do it all over again , but this time it will be even scarier than last.

I'm sorry, but Americans really are the stupidest fu***** electorate on the planet

That was written back in the spring of 2016 , long before Donald Trump would assume the presidency and America decided to double down on their stupidity.

Coalage3 1 year 32 weeks ago

From Osita Nwanevu:

The Democratic Party is a gerontocracy driven primarily by careerism and convenience. The pathologies that make Feinstein’s return to the Senate a given and convince Democrats burning cash on the Republican Party’s Blankenships, Akins, and nobodies out in California are the dynamics keeping unambiguously corrupt New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez in the party’s good graces. They are the pathologies that encouraged Nancy Pelosi to resistasking John Conyers—an easily replaceable congressman representing one of safest Democratic seats in the country, a man who’d been in Congress for over a half-century—to step down for over a week after he was credibly accused of sexual assault and harassment by over half a dozen women. They are the pathologies that allow Bill Clinton to dismiss questions about his sexual misconduct with confidence that party leaders will never cast him aside. They are the pathologies that encouraged the Hillary Clinton campaign to consider, seriously and aptly, adopting “Because It’s Her Turn” as its slogan in 2016. The Democratic Party is a professional fraternity only secondarily interested in advancing the proposals in its grab bag of policy ideas—proposals that Democratic candidates are, in fact, free to oppose provided they can raise cash easily and appeal to voters who will inevitably tire of them and vote for the Republican candidates and policies they are likely to eventually prefer.

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