Dear public,

NSA spying program is a media sham. The surveillance data released by Edward Snowden is low-level data that most people who pay attention to technological ability already knew. Heads of state throughout the world either suspected or knew that NSA was collecting their internet and phone records for many years now. Most of them did not put anything to incriminating on the internet or revealing in their phone calls. NSA used Mr. Snowden as a narrative to detract and redirect us from what they are really doing.

What most of the world does not know is that NSA collects much more personal data about us than anyone can imagine, and uses this data to construct personal profiles of human conduct. For example, NSA computers use a number of audio and syntax lie detector programs to detect deceit and emotional cognition. They track individual movement through cell phones, laptops, and a host of other public tracking techniques to monitor individual activities. They monitor our detailed finances, buying habits, internet activities, medical records, public records, voting disposition, and all our media exposure through cable box feedback and other news/media outlets such as this platform. NSA even records your facial motor expressions. NSA satellites have technology that can see and hear you through walls.

They correlate this collective data using complex algorithms that can meticulously predict our moment-to-moment behaviors. NSA computers often know more about you, than you do yourself. This data is cross-networked to an extent that there is little that NSA does not know about you. NSA and their co-conspirators spent more than a Trillion dollars over the last ten years to build up their capabilities and surveillance programs.

Punch your name into their system, and they know everything there is to know about you, and a good deal about your future activities. This is vastly more data than our government needs to identify alleged terrorist activities. Something else is going on.

The question is what; why is NSA collecting so much data about us, and the world? What purpose does this data serve? Who has access to it? I suspect that the answers to these questions will scare the hell out of us...

Sincerely, Mark Maloney


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Rodger97321 6 years 1 week ago

Yes, that would follow because there has to be a point for wanting to collect it all beyond being able to blackmail their political opponents.

Quote Mark Maloney:

What most of the world does not know is that NSA collects much more personal data about us than anyone can imagine, and uses this data to construct personal profiles of human conduct....

They correlate this collective data using complex algorithms that can meticulously predict our moment-to-moment behaviors.

So they are already aware that my reaction to the Democracy Now show this morning would be to wonder:

Why is it considered "against National Security" to fulfill your oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and not "against National Security" to accept the job to oversee an Intelligence Department and accept a paycheck for doing so - yet bungle that job so thoroughly that gobs of documents are allowed to walk out the door?

Why isn't James Clapper in prison for lying to Congress and failing to prevent General Keith B. Alexander from allowing the theft of this Government property?

Why is General Alexander being allowed to quietly resign with his retirement intact after it's been demonstrated that he was wantonly incompetent (or perhaps paid by some foreign agency to allow it happen) or worse?

Because, as the thread indicates, they already had enough information to know what Mr. Snowden would do.

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Rodger97321 6 years 1 week ago

Wow. That was fast!

It took less than 3 hours before someone called me on my unlisted phone to ask if I was the same person (whose first name is supposedly like my last name and last name is like my first name) that someone had reported had stolen from them (about 2000 miles from here).

The person said they were with the Insurance Company investigating the theft (not a law enforcement agency).

Felt like a not-so-veiled threat to improperly link me to an alleged criminal act. Noting it.

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Rodger97321 6 years 1 week ago

And that call was made before 7:00 am their time (if, in fact, it was a landline in Milpitas, CA as the called id was broadcasting - we already know some folks know how to fake that).

So what kind of legitimate business call does an Insurance Company make before 7:00 am?

Why does whOrebama think it would be an improvement to turn over control of this data to private industry (organizations whose very existence requires that they be partisan)?

Along the same line, who thought "farming out" any of the Country's Intelligence aparatus to private industry would be the prudent, lucid way to go?

Are there really 20,000 - 30,000 people working full time for the U.S. at these companies or are we just being charged as if they were?

It's understandable that babyBush thought Jimmy Clapper was a genius for having invented the sound-triggered light switch - and wanted to have at least one smart person in the Intelligence Community.

Also understandable, I suppose, that whOreBama, et. al. wanted a true sycophant to pretend to oversee our Intelligence activities - and the name Clapper (and his work history) seemed to speak for itself.

Yes, I'm annoyed, all the funds that have been channeled to these groups (when we have millions of people whose basic needs aren't being met) and this is the best they can do?


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