The rich want to justify their abuse of the poor by denying their humanity or denying their adulthood as is always done when one group wants to exploit another. It was traditionally done with women, African-Americans and other exploited racial groups. A woman was a "girl" not a woman, an Africa-American man was a "boy" not a man and other racial groups were considered children by their exploiters who needed their "great white father". The same is done to the poor by the better off to justify exploiting them.

Poor people don't deserve paternalistic nanny state. Welfare is "to teach people self sufficiency" says Thom's conservative Big Picture Rumble panelist. Give them the means to be self sufficient and they will be. Fund education, invest in their communities. Walmart is the ONLY business that invests in poor communities because they want to exploit their desperation. More investment in poor communities would make it less necessary for the poor, particularly poor youth, to resort to criminal enterprize for their material advancement.

Welfare is not charity but justice. It, and other government social programs, are an attempt to make up for the grand thefts from the poor. It is an attempt to make up for the denial of their right to work and their gross undercompenasation for the work they do when they can work. Cuts to welfare and other social programs are an excessive TAX on the poor.


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Robindell 5 years 46 weeks ago

I once saw a report on the PBS Newshour where unemployed M.B.A.'s had a kind of club where they got together to share information about potential job leads. Another report on the same news program showed unemployed older workers, not old enough to retire, but somewhat beyond the start of "middle age." One woman had contacted something like 100 or more employers with a copy of her resume, and had not heard back from any of them. Another person had similar results. The idea that if you "work hard and play by the rules," you will be able to earn a decent living, for many, is a falsehood. In this same segment, the reporter mentioned that a survey of human resource managers found that none of them would be very likely to hire any older applicant. The justifications they gave for this blatant age discrimination included the assertion that older workers can't learn new skills fast enough to keep up and that they "lack stamina." Business people are such hateful dopes. Some companies such as Wal-Mart probably are glad that there are government asssistance programs, as difficult to apply for and as restrictive and limited as they are. Other business executives and their lobbyists support conserative Republicans who are antagonistic toward low income people. One that this seldom mentioned in our society, including on this Web site, is that an appreciable number of low income citizens have a disability and either cannot work or can only work to a limited extent in a low wage, possibly part-time job.

Our society has moved away from high school vocational programs and alternatives to attending college that are more practical and less academically formal in approach. Not everyone thrives in a post-secondary collegiate setting. There are either culture or psychological and disability-related reasons for this.

Sociologists, political scientists, and economists have done an extremely poor job of trying to find out why there has been a rise in social Dawinism and on negative stereotypes which are often either exaggerations or complete fabrications about poor people. After all, unemployement and underemployment have increased in recent years; economists are well aware that most of the jobs that have been created in recent months are relatively low-paying jobs. I have heard that unemployed workers who find a new job have a high probability of earning less than they did on their previous job. PBS has very limited reporting on poverty. Tavis Smiley of PBS and of various radio stations has a new project lasting several years, funded by the Casey Foundation of Baltimore, to identify causes and solutions for poverty. This has all been studied before, and I am skeptical that Tavis will cover any new ground with this study. But at least he is making an effort and giving the topic some scrutiny in a positive way. There isn't any media outlet that I can see that is influential enough to combat the negative attitudes about people on the basis of having a limited income, or the greed that is behind it.

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