Look at all the men now being scrutinized for bad sexual behavior and who do you find keeping it all hushed? In most cases it's their wives or significant others. Some of these women even turned to drinking to excess as was the case of Ted Kennedy's wife. Bill Clinton's wife, Hillary turned to getting more heavily involved in politics, even running for President. Trump, of course, had at least two wives who would not stand for his disgusting conduct, and one has to wonder how long Melania will continue to stand by her man? Even the kidenapping rapist Matt Lauer's wife waited until after he was fired before filing for divorce.

This "ignoring" of bad behavior isn't exclusive to the rich and famous. I'm sure if anyone ever investigated the reasons police get called out to domestic disputes they would find that the argument begins with (1) too much drinking, but more importantly (2) the wife accusing her husband of fooling around with other women. Some women have been threatened if they even think about leaving their husbands, but that's for another conversation.

For the most part, women come up with all kinds of reasons for staying with their philandering husbands: stay together for the sake of the children; he's a good man in all other respects (my own aunt stayed with my blood uncle even after he gave her gonorea); they would not be able to support themselves if they left him; no one in their family ever got divorced and they don't want to be the first member of their family to do so. There are all kinds of reasons, but they all amount to the same thing. Their actions of doing nothing to upset the applecart is nothing less than condoning the bad behavior of these men.

Cheat on me once, shame on you. Cheat on me twice, shame on me. Then there are the women who steal another woman's husband: the secretary who marries her boss away from his wife, the nurse who marries the doctor she works with by stealing him from his wife. They fall for the stories these men tell of how their wives don't understand them, and they have grown apart. These women believe themselves to be end-all to these men's misery. They don't realize that just down the street or in some bar there's going to be another woman they can cheat with just like they cheated with them.

This disloyalty men engage in didn't just start when Donald Trump became president. It's been going on for centuries, and it's probably going to go on for centuries to come. There could be a massive reduction in the numbers however, but it's going to take the women to take a stand against it. Like the old song, "Got along without ya before I met ya, gonna get along without you now."

Back in the day a person was cautioned not to tell the wife when they saw her husband in the act of seeing another woman in his arms. It would result in the wife turning her anger to the reporter instead of taking her anger out on her husband. Of course, the husband would lie his way out of it and she'd believe him because it was the more secure thing to do. I wonder if that's still true today. I can only hope that the women will stand together and support each other when their philandering husbands are outed.


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Dianereynolds 51 weeks 4 days ago

When wearing a bikini, women reveal 90% of their body...

men are so polite they only look at the covered parts.

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