Connected devices are increasingly being used for cyber attacks. They often lack critical device protections and organizations fail to segment their networks in order to reduce the attack surface. If you can connect to your devices through the internet, so could anybody else. This video put out by Cisco highlights exactly how real this threat is.



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PhilfromOhio 50 weeks 5 days ago

Do this simple experiment to give pause to your internet roaming activities. Use a malware to scan your computer. Dump the threats that it finds. Then go online directly through Microsoft Edge. Don't do any more. Don't open any 'news' stories. Log off and use the same malware scan. What you will find is that you received a dose of tracking cookies without doing anything.

Do the same again after cleaning with the malware and open one news story. Even more show up. Within a minute you will find out that you have been glommed onto by a bunch of stuff that stalks you and pushes out your internet activities to who knows who......this is more than just creepy. It ends up slowing your computer down and opening you up to lots of bad stuff. I will leave it to others to suggest methods for avoiding this game as much as possible. The bottom line is that if you want to stroll the internet, use a computer that you can kiss off when it gets messy. Don't use your valuable machine with valuable or sensitive data or you may wish you hadn't.

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