Declining, deconstructed, decomposing, decimated we are. More disgusting news about the decline of our civilized world - circa 2012. Be careful. Astonishing - our country can buy billions of dollars of weaponry for death and destruction. While hospitals - which are ultimately to support our living - cannot meet their expenses. The big banks have no problems since they were bailed out - like GM. Fed Ex gets grant money as does Sprint from the federal government. The list goes on and on for corporate welfare recipients. But still they have not bothered to use that welfare money to jump started the economy. I wonder how they the tax collectors are going to collect the needed revenues for the congressional continence of welfare for their corporate recipients ? ? ?

It seems apparent - we must accept there is no concern for an actual living person - only those yet to be be born.

Warning: Hospital Emergency Room Personnel May Be Debt Collectors

Read this eye-popping story in today's New York Times. A debt collection company, Accretive Health, allegedly staffs hospitals and then uses its staff's proximity to patients and patients' health records to collect patients' debts for the hospitals. Here's an excerpt:

Hospital patients waiting in the emergency room or convalescing after surgery could find themselves confronted by an unexpected visitor: a debt collector at bedside. One of the nation’s largest medical debt-collection companies is under fire in Minnesota for having placed its employees in emergency rooms and other departments at two hospitals and demanding that patients pay before receiving treatment ... . The documents say the company also used patient health records to wrangle for more money on overdue bills. ...[Minnesota Attorney General Lori] Swanson, though not bringing further charges on Tuesday, said she was in discussions with state and federal regulators to prompt a widespread crackdown on Accretive Health’s practices in other states. “I have every reason to believe that what they are doing in Minnesota is simply company practice[.]”


Alberto Ceras 5 years 30 weeks ago
Quote media_muse:

It seems apparent - we must accept there is no concern for an actual living person - only those yet to be be born.

media_muse, you are right in bringing this unconscionable practice to our attention.

Of greater concern to me is that we do NOT have concern for the "yet to be born." We conceive human beings, routinely perform that god like act of conferring life and death on another person without that person's consent or knowledge, possibly condemning that human to great suffering but certainly to old age, depression and death all for purely selfish reasons - or, worse yet, for no reason at all.

media_muse 5 years 30 weeks ago

Glad to be able to find some common ground with you Alberto.

When we do reach future times - 200 years maybe - I imagine, I hope - by then many will be able to hold the scientific understanding behind the biology of "reproduction". We already know from our science of researching hormones that hormones are the DRIVING innate chemicals responsible for the continuance of life. The act of conception is simply a "biological" event. But we live in an era where science falls to the waste side while beliefs run our decision making process.

Perhaps then in 200 years when folks do achieve the biological advent of conception - they will make sure they are prepared to provide for the life they have conceived. However, I imagine existential angst will still be around

Quote Alberto Ceras:
Quote media_muse:

It seems apparent - we must accept there is no concern for an actual living person - only those yet to be be born.

media_muse, you are right in bringing this unconscionable practice to our attention.

Alberto Ceras 5 years 30 weeks ago

It isn't a matter of caring for the person, that's another issue. Of course it's important but my question is why do we have progeny in the first place? No one has children for the child's sake, a child that may not be cared for and whose death, in any event, is sealed at birth. It's an Irrevocable, intrinsically selfish act.

Bush_Wacker's picture
Bush_Wacker 5 years 30 weeks ago

One choice that nobody has ever had is whether to be born or not. We were all brought into the world without having a say in the matter. If given the choice, I wonder how many of us would have said "No Thanks!"

Alberto Ceras 5 years 30 weeks ago

Yes, Bush_Wacker, a lot of people would probably have rejected the "gift." Now that we have it we need to think deeply before we have children ourselves and, if we already have them, we need to accept the obligation of discussing the issue with them, trying to convince them to think long and hard about it - not from their perspective but from that of the child they may selfishly consider bringing into existence.

How about if we campaign to make TBYF (Think Before You Fuck) as popular as TGIF? Maybe we should start wearing buttons with TBYF in big, red letters stamped on them. Pass them out free of charge to all secondary school kids.

media_muse 5 years 30 weeks ago

fellows -

great comments. Certainly ought to be added to the mix - to be born or not to be born ? The ultimate choice. And who's ultimate choice is it?

I like the idea of the "TBYF" button - could spawn a whole new movement. But you are are overlooking the powerful hormone part. With hormones there is NO thinking (usually) so it won't work. But I believe folks could have lots of fun with it!

TGIF is about Friday - NO thinking involved so it works.

Alberto Ceras 5 years 30 weeks ago

Yes, I hope that it will get a few laughs but even more than that I hope it will initiate some serious exchange. A button or T shirt wearer will surely get a lot of questions from the curious. That just might open the door to constructive dialogue. I'm going to design an alternate T shirt that will have (in much smaller letters) just above the condom: "Be a rappa, not a papa" and right below the pills: " Be a NahNah, not a mama." I'd like to see it take off, and if it does I don't care who might take or receive credit for it. If it could prevent even one unwanted pregnancy that would be reward enough.

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