I just learned that it is a crime for US Military members to use prostitutes! Does anyone know if the military has ever prosecuted the guys who are purchasing sex from females - who are under the control of sex traffickers?

Anyway, I still find it astonishing that a secret service guy was silly enough to argue over money! (and these guys are supposed to be secretively smart.) I bet his pricked up frolicking buddies are really pissed off at his cheapness too. Glad to see that this bully guy got outed for being himself.This is an excellent example of the insipid lack of thinking that goes along with male privilege.

From RSN - "The US officials were among the hundreds of US sex tourists who, every year, visit these sex clubs and brothels. Pimps control many of the women in the legal tolerance zones. The woman who set the secret service scandal in motion sought more money from the secret service agent than the puny $30 he'd paid her because she had to pay her (legal) pimp".

Secret Service Prostitution Scandal About More Than National Security
Janice Raymond, Guardian UK
Intro: "Tired of yet one more political prostitution scandal caused by men who can't keep it in their pants? ... Most interesting is what has and has not been said by authorities when asked about the US secret service and military personnel's use of women in prostitution."


Zenzoe 5 years 25 weeks ago

It makes me wonder if it's the Secret Service or the Sex-trafficking Service.

Nothing silly about sex trafficking, but somehow it doesn't occur to these law-enforcement employees that they might be aiding and abetting sex trafficking when they go out for a frolic.

media_muse 5 years 25 weeks ago

nothing silly

at all about sex trafficking Zenzoe. Just want to be clear about that.

I try so hard not to talk like a guy - so I make efforts to not use the word "stupid". My replacement word is "silly". Sometimes I find another word takes the charge out of another - that's the evolution of the use of silly here.

But really, what do you think about the secret service guy trying to rip off the sex worker? Silly? Stupid? Studley? Senseless? Male? AMS? (Alpha Male Syndrome) or....? Is he just plain dumb? but he is / was a secret service guy so....?

Zenzoe 5 years 25 weeks ago

No, no, don't get me wrong— I like the word silly too. I didn't mean to say it wasn't a good choice. Nope.

Well, as for the stingy ass, who knows? Maybe he thought he deserved a discount?

Actually, I'm surprised to learn that frolicking with the natives is illegal in the military. I thought it was expected. Not that I wish to trivialize the issue here. I guess I'm glad to know something is being done about sex trafficking, at least on paper, if not in practice.

Incidentally, I called the Secret Service awhile back, after I noticed that they weren't doing anything about gun-toting Tea Partiers at Obama rallies. The agent I talked to was very nice, with a nice sense of humor. His excuse was that the gun-toters weren't close enough to the rallies to be a threat, and, anyway, the towns they were in were "open carry" towns. I think that's what he called it. Actually, I was too easy on him, now that I think about it.

media_muse 5 years 25 weeks ago

Stingy ass works for me - with stupid thrown in for his obvious arrogance.

Maybe since the military guys - also involved in this sexcapade - are used to raping their women - the guy probably thought he was a big spender by giving her the $30 bucks - rather than the going rate of $300.

Rodger97321's picture
Rodger97321 5 years 24 weeks ago

Two Main parts to this.

First, is that it is a clear result of a decade+ of having to continually lowered the bar in order to achieve certain force-strength numbers. The trule professionals were given the choice of turning their backs on the Constitution they swore to uphold and protect or getting out of the service.

This left a vacuum of sincere patriotic leadership.

Second, the Homeland Security Secretary and Senate Judiciary Committee (for starters) should be arrested and charged with treason. Their recent public declarations and revelations are clearly providing comfort to the enemy (real or imaginary - doesn't seem to matter anymore).

Absence of their arrests and prosecution is further evidence of the Administration's ongoing practice of politically motivated, selective enforcement and contribution to the distraction from nefarious events by channeling media focus on silly stuff like this.

media_muse 5 years 24 weeks ago

This is just so right on it needs repeating - thanks Rodger97321:

Quote Rodger97321:

... the Homeland Security Secretary and Senate Judiciary Committee (for starters) should be arrested and charged with treason. Their recent public declarations and revelations are clearly providing comfort to the enemy (real or imaginary - doesn't seem to matter anymore).

Real or imaginary - ? Seems ALMOST ALL imaginary from my observations.

I am wondering what you mean by "true professionals" and "sincere patriotic leadership"? I am perplexed that the leadership permits or condones the raping of military females by their male counterparts. Can you shed any light here?

This issue of the secret service or military members using sex workers in some ways is understandable. Sex is part of our world - I just don't see why the guys needs young girls to get off. Or how they can condone the conditions in which they seek their pleasure. Nor do I understand why guys need to renig on a deal.

Anyway, I believe this situation has much more to do with a lack of patriotic leadership for about 45 years now. We've gone from patriotic to self absorbed capitalistic sex absorbed male dominion. The cheap ass silly secret service guy proved that.

media_muse 5 years 24 weeks ago

Interesing on the subject of silly why...

"....In fact, research shows that men who buy sex do so for a variety of reasons, many of which vary by culture. Social acceptance of prostitution makes it more likely for men to seek out prostitutes, as do certain sexual attitudes. For some men, the risk is part of the appeal.

"One of the motivations behind seeking prostitutes for some men is that there's something exciting or risky about it," said Martin Monto, a sociologist at the University of Portland who has researched prostitution. "The illicit nature of it can make it more exciting." "

Hmm....in reading this wonder - "The illicit nature of it can make it more exciting." "is this the foundation for some males belief that incest spices up the little woman - more excitement for their own pleasure.... I wonder....?

Secret Service Scandal: Why Men Risk Their Jobs To Buy Sex

Huffington Post‎ - 2 days ago By: Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer Published: 04/27/2012 06:51 PM EDT on LiveScience The Secret Service is running an ...

"..... "Johns" — or men who visit prostitutes — are not easy to study, given the secretive and often illegal nature of their sexual habits. Researchers have traditionally focused on the supply side of the prostitution equation, interviewing sex workers and trying to understand how women get into the business. (Women who visit prostitutes are even less studied, in part because they're much rarer than men who do so. According to news reports, the first legal male prostitute catering to women in Nevada, where prostitution is allowed, quit after two months, having served fewer than 10 customers.) [Busted! 6 Gender Myths in the Bedroom & Beyond]

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