Upcoming Elections and the "99%" protests

The GOP is intent on ignoring these Main Street protests.

They generally disapprove of Public interest in those events since conspiring Corporate Media and Wall Street vested interests are one and the same, Birds of a Feather under Republican policy. So "The Revolution Will Not be Televised", will in fact be “Disallowed”, or at least not acknowledged by Republican controlled media.

They'll continue to treat these protests as "Non-Events" while (by contrast) providing TeaPublican activities all the free media coverage they want, as they have across the past 2+ years.

***As Previously Posted***

These protests represent rejection of institutional corruption, they’re rightly concerned that lack of regulatory "Oversight" has allowed gaming of our Wall Street and Banking (Investment) assets across decades.


THAT occurred because of a combination of deceitful "Dark Market" business practices and lack of concern for regulations. Disregard of those standards to the extent of wholesale removal in some cases (IE Glass-Steagal).

Greenspan and the SEC eventually admitted to this, but not before the corrosive, damaging effects of Derivatives combined with Predatory Loan Practices and Market Deregulation allowed Investment Banks to throw our *Public Funds* into the investment market, for at least a decade.


Not surprisingly, the 99% protests reflect outrage at our huge market losses and related financial instability, those crowds represent recognition of the complete lack of accountability for the actions of the “Experts” among Wall Street and related Banking/Investment markets, where are the “Perp Walks” we’ve all been waiting for?

Who’s being held accountable for our current diminished National Economic condition and why haven’t we imposed broad measures of reform to control those mechanisms of failure, to prevent future “Market Failures” caused by further “insider” corruption?

Our savings and Real Estate holdings have suffered Monumentally for the actions those pretentious fools, whether our current “State of the Economy” was the intended result or not, and even in today’s broken economy the “Deregulation” and “Investment” experts collect their annual bonuses (at our expense).


Yet 99% protestors are being considered nothing more than a relative nuisance among the “Conservatives”, they’re being dismissed as insignificant, portrayed as having no possible effect on upcoming elections in the eyes of the Republican party.

What’s easily apparent up ‘til now is that substantial mainstream media exposure hasn’t been provided, those protests continue to be withheld from Public view as another "Inconvenient Truth" the GOP insists we shouldn't pay attention to.

TeaPublicans continue to ignore the 99% protestors in support of the same moneyed Constituents mentioned above.

Wall Street and related Investment Banking Lobbyists have nothing to do with THAT, right? The corrupting influence of Campaign Finance money never comes into the picture, obviously ;-)

Especially since Citizens United has progressively reared it’s ugly head courtesy of the Right Wing majority SCOTUS. Unlimited finance $ firewalled against all potential disclosure, the GOP wet dream come true.

NEXT POST: Walking the economic tightrope, starving "We the Beast" for political gain


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DdC 6 years 26 weeks ago

That is what they do...

Make Love Not War.jpg

War on Sale.jpg

Alphabet Channel Alternatives

❝But it is time to acknowledge that the nation's news organizations
have played a large and unappetizing role in deceiving the public….❞
- The New York Times

mfkmail7 (not verified) 6 years 26 weeks ago

@DdC, Thanks.

Interesting page you've got, the Anti-War theme prevalent. Yep, the industrial war machine continues to chug right along, fed by our tax $ and military members. So I can't help but connect our Military actions to our dependence on (addiction, actually) petroleum resources, maybe I'll follow with a minor rant on this topic ;-)

It's not as though we haven't been aware of the risks associated with that ADDICTION to foreign oil for a VERY long time.


Instead of following Jimmy Carter’s presidential policy advice toward a 30 year plan reducing our dependance on foreign oil (to a 10% Maximum level), we’ve allowed gluttonous Corporate Greed to control our rates of consumption.

Carter was roughly the flip side of George W. Both have been portrayed as political outsiders and inept politicians, not really in control of either their own administrative policies or larger events outside of the Whitehouse.

Yet Carter WAS a morally correct, conspicuously well-intentioned supporter of Middle America, his proposed energy policies SHOULD have been a model of integrity for the U.S. to follow in avoidance of Middle East Petroleum dependance and the OBVIOUS future WAR POLICY implications associated with that “Addiction”.

Which brings George W. into the picture, as I’ve stated he’s the comparative “Flip Side” of that coin.

http://www.pbs.org/now/shows/347/oil-politics.html (2008)

For those who’ve failed to take into consideration the broad approval given to the Petroleum industry by the GOP, and the campaign contributions provided in return, historically about 80% of that Corporate money goes to the right wing.

That’s clearly reflected by the near complete lack of oversight for several years (2 terms) under George W./Cheney and associates, the Petroleum Industry was also provided with considerable new tax subsidies.

Suppose that campaign contribution money was well spent in terms of benefits gained ;-)

Over the past decades our dependance on foreign oil has arguably steered our National Policies to the eventual Occupation of Iraq, “Wag the Dog” being the outcome with U.S. Petroleum Corporations and associated Big Money Political Business Interests De Facto deciding for the rest of that our Armed Forces would be used for Middle East conquest, “Imperial Colonial” ambitions.


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