You can follow these comments on twitter, they've been condensed to fit that format, but all you'll get is a "Running Commentary" version.

So these were posted in sequence as listed below ;-)

DU has locked me out completely, 3 years contributing member, because I had the audacity to email a site administrator saying "You Suck" (Revision: turns out Steve2470 is NOT a site admin, only a "Moderator").

So I'm just now beginning to delete my posts, a few at a time. DU has given notice that my account will be reviewed "in 24 hours".

But it's now been 8 calendar days without further comment from DU admins, tho I've posted several emails. No further $ for DU, of course.

So, over the next several weeks my posts will all be self-deleted. Don't need my essays on this site, supporting their policies.

Member in good standing for 3 full years, account pulled now for 8 full days. Abuse of administrative policy, would be my comment.

Pause for Effect, non-Twitter comment

How did this come about, you may ask? I had the audacity to post a Bernie S. promotion on the Barack O. group, who are generally pro-HRC.

The group admin for the BO group then locked my post, and kicked me out, only comment I've ever posted there. My response?

I replied to that person (steve2470) "Essentially, you suck". Steve then kicked me off of the entire site! What a butt munch!

Added Comment, the following (verbatim) was sent to Steve2470 by DU personal mail:

Wow, let me just say that your' group has been posted by me exactly once, with complete courtesy and all due objectivity.

So essentially, you suck. What was written and posted on that group will be posted and distributed on others as an example of how VERY much you suck. Thanks for whatever.

Trying to be accurate here ;-) Now back to the Twitter sequence

So a big hello call-out to Butt Munch Steve2470 who no doubt still sucks VERY MUCH! DU site management as well, for supporting Steve!

Site Management notice to me? Twitter commentary continues.

"Please note: You have not been permanently banned from the site. However, some restrictions have been temporarily placed on your account".

"Usually when this happens it is because an account has had too many posts hidden in a relatively short period of time." Not the case.

"These temporary restrictions will remain on your account until an administrator is able to review it." Wait for it.......

"Typically, this account review occurs sometime over the next 24 hours. except on weekends and holidays when it may take longer." More...

"Please do not create another account in order to circumvent this review, which would be a violation of our Terms of Service." And Voila!

7 days after being kicked off, I created a new account for purposes of complaining ;-) Back to the running commentary on Twitter.

So yesterday is when I "Violated the terms of agreement" and posted to a new account, calling myself "M Kitt2". Did I not mention?

Site search "M Kitt" for my journal entries, that's the account locked for 8 consecutive days, of course. So "M Kitt2" isn't exactly stealth

I used the 2nd account to complain about being locked out, of course. So now I'm "Persona Non Grata", gave up my membership. More to follow


So what was my "Original Sin"? What dastardly deed did I commit to merit being kicked off of the Barack Obama group on Dem. Underground? Link follows.

Sympathy for the Devil? Good Rolling Stones tune, I'd say ;-)


mfkmail7 (not verified) 3 years 36 weeks ago

Hmm, I might post the follow-up as an entirely new thread, depending on what DU does about my newest post ;-)

Point being, 12 days after kicking me off of Democratic Underground, site management this AM deigned to give back my access. So I celebrated that questionable victory by immediately posting, as mentioned above ;-)

Hilarity and Hijinks ensue, no doubt! Thanks.

mfkmail7 (not verified) 3 years 36 weeks ago

How could I have possibly predicted the response from DU regarding the above linked post? ;-)

Comment was locked for editing, but not completely removed, which is somewhat surprising.

I've noticed that the "Shared" links to this comment on the Hartmann site have increased considerably over a less than 24 hour timeframe, so I'm supposing that DU Admin. personnel are paying attention. Another shout out to Steve2470 ;-)

So what's been accomplished here is a running commentary of the effects of abusive behavior, specifically what may occur when administrators are tyrannical enforcers of their own political agendas.

As mentioned on my most recent post "Absolute Power corrupts, well, you know" ;-)

Fallout? Blow back? Well, let's see what develops.

As promised, I'll post the emails I sent across my dismissal from the DU site, but may or may not include them in this thread. My inquiries to DU site management were completely ignored, so I'm supposing they won't mind if I completely ignore DU policy by posting comments here regarding their behavior and supportive policies on that site.

So, what specific policy was enforced by DU regarding my most recent post? And why lock me out of that site/forum, besides the obvious tactic of trying to shut me up in my exposure of their abusive policies? Let's explore these questions further on this thread.

Shine a light and the cockroaches scatter, Tyranny Exposed ;-)

For one thing, if they lock enough of my comments, they'll of course use that rationale as an excuse to kick me off the site, for the 2nd time in my membership history. For good this time, I'm supposing.

The above header contains the Administrative policy we'll further explore, "Disruptive Meta-Discussion". So, anticipate more fun for everyone!

Here's the specific enforcement item they've used to lock my material on DU.


  • Positive threads about Democratic Underground or its members are are permitted.
  • Threads complaining about Democratic Underground or its members; threads complaining about jury decisions, locked threads, suspensions, bannings, or the like; and threads intended to disrupt or negatively influence the normal workings of Democratic Underground and its community moderating system are not permitted.

Further comments to follow ;-)

mfkmail7 (not verified) 3 years 34 weeks ago

Whoah, another site lockout! 2 groups on DU immediately not only locked my most recent post (above) but then hid the entire thread!

So imagine that, I'm again Persona Non Grata on DU ;-)

And the adventure continues ;-)

Have I voiced my appreciation for Steve2470 lately? Aside from the above post, I mean ;-)

Where would DU be without tyranical group "Moderators" like Steve-O, you may ask?

I'm sure many of us would like to find out ;-)

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