My Fears

I fear not only for our country, but also for the world.

It is said that there are winners and losers in every election, but we have never had an election like this, and at a time of such great challenge for the US and the world. There were very few winners in this election and that includes those who voted for Trump.

Climate change is the single most important issue of our time, for the US, and the world. Before Trump, I thought the US was way too slow in actions to help mitigate the damages being brought about by climate. Now with Trump and his climate denying cabinet, more carbon that should remain in the ground is promised to be released. How can we influence India not to burn more coal when our President wants to burn more here in US? I fear the climate game is lost.

I do not have a belief in climate change. I look at the data. The data are clear, climate change is happening and the main cause is human activity. While deniers will say the climate is always changing, which is true, the rate of change is far greater than natural causes would dictate and far greater than mankind can adapt to. Deniers say the climate models are wrong and they are correct. The models are too conservative. The rate of change is happening far faster than predicted. Soon (and it is already happening) millions of people around the world will need to migrate to places less affected by climate change while facing immigration restrictions from countries around the world.

Bangladesh, a country of nearly 170 million people, is below sea level and with rising seas will be under water. Where do a 170 million people go when no country is in the mood to accept them. Bangladesh is just one of many areas of the world where climate change is having devastating effects.

Yes, I fear for our country and the world.

I am a straight male who believes in LGBTQ rights. We are about to put in place a vice president who is one of the most homophobic people living, Mike Pence; a vice president who will likely have much more power than past vice presidents. Between Trump and Pence, LGBTQ rights will be moving backwards. Attacks and insults are already beginning.

Yes, I fear for our country and the world.

I am an atheist and I do not want religion in my government. I do not believe Trump has any true faith, but Pence is, in my opinion, a radical Christian who believes in “intelligent design”. For the second in line to the Presidency to be ignorant of science is scary.

Yes, I fear for our country and the world.

I am a 60-year-old black male. When I was young, I was not allowed to go to certain places, as there were “whites only” signs. I attended an all-black school through grade four as we had segregated schools in my home state of Delaware through 1966. Since Trump's election, we have white nationalist openly calling for white’s only areas in our country.

Yes, I fear for our country and the world.

The jobs Trump promises to bring back to this country will not happen. Trump may bring back some token jobs, but that’s all. I know Trump wants to seal the borders to stop illegal immigration, but where is his plan to stop robots from entering the work place? Where is his plan to stop self-driving trucks from entering the work force, which surely will replace many truckers in the future?

Yes, I fear for our country and the world.

Social unrest will be common as the pressures of climate change, immigration, job lost and race play out through the years to come.


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