Fox Nooz and the Billionaire Bandits are steadfastly working to make sure there is no unity in the United States. Divide and conquer has been a major strategy of conquest for good reason. The libertarian point of view is quite the opposite of how this nation was founded. By dissing the United, they keep their plunder from the undeserving rabble. Also, isn't the statement in the preamble "WE the people" and not "ME the individual"?

And the poor, ignorant fools who make up the great "Becklash" are so pathetic. They are so afraid that some undeserving loser will be given the money that is stolen from them by "the gummint". They have no idea how much they have benefitted from progressive taxation that used to keep our roads in good repair and make sure that our food and products were safe. Now all that stands in ruins and the GOP messaging masters have them all convinced that it was the Democrats' fault. And, adding insult to injury, they may well provide the "Right" with the votes they need to finish us all off.

So, while the Right Wing Hate Machine comes up with short, pithy, marketable slogans that are carefully designed to mislead, the Progressives are stuck with the details that these people will never understand. As always, the devil is in the details.


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