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California, my home

I listened and smiled when I heard today that the California Secession movement is getting some national attention. The idea is a nice fantasy, but it would be nearly impossible for it to happen.

I personally would actually be much happier if we weren't part of the United States, as it is right now. I live in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley to be exact. The Valley tried to secede from Los Angeles to become it's own city a few years back. There were some similarities & arguments as to what is being said regarding California right now. The San Fernando Valley on its own would have been one of the largest cities in the U.S. The Valley contributes more tax dollars to L.A. than what it gets back. The West Side has a habit of making derogatory comments about "The Valley". Etc... A majority of people in The Valley voted for secession, but the whole city was allowed to vote. Many people were very passionate about the idea and were deeply crushed when it was voted down by the entirety of L.A.

I understand why the idea is getting traction. People here can not understand how so much of the rest of the country could vote the way they did. Rarely do you hear someone talk about the election in public. Most of the people that I know are horrified. That is why L.A. had what was probably the biggest (may I say HUUGE) turn-out of any location for the Womens March. Many friends told me quietly that they were marching because it was really important. These are not people who are usually politically vocal. The loud, in-your-face people that I know tend to consider themselves Conservative and/or Republican. Californians are tired of the Welfare States taking our tax dollars and then bad mouthing us, calling us Elitists, being told that the "Left Coast" needs to understand the "Real America", as if we are not real Americans. Californians do not want their rights taken away, especially by legislators & judges from locals far away. In fact, most Californians would not call themselves Liberals/Progressives. They just see themselves as being normal, middle-of-the road people.

Overall, we like our State. We know that there are problems, but people try to come up with solutions. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. The last election had a number of ballot propositions where the majority of voters chose higher taxes & bonds to help with schools, parks, protecting Medi-Cal funds. Its not that most people have alot of money, it's about what is important to our quality of life.

I agree with Thom that California could and should play a big part in resisting the debacle that we have in Washington, DC. The U.S. pre-World War II is often referred to as the sleeping giant that was awoken with the attack on Pearl Harbor. I kind-of see California as a sleeping giant. Many of our politicians & activists are preparing strategies, but the average person appears to be just going through their normal routines. The ball is in the new President's court. He might want to pick his fights very carefully. I do not think that Californians are going to give up their way of life without a big fight. And who knows what may happen once the giant is woken.

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