I am petrified.

I am a staunch sen Sanders supporter, and I will be very disappointed and discouraged if he does not win the nomination.

However, I listened to the insanity of Trump's "id" with his rambling incoherent answers to questions offered by Anderson Cooper and voters. To his credit, this time, Anderson asked questions more substantive than , "What is your favorite drink?" He also attempted to follow up and press Trump to cease his drivelings and answer the questions, to no success.

I will not capitulate to the DNC and the corporate Democrats, and I regret that I may contribute to their resolve that the primary process was merely an inconvenient distraction. If Secy Clinton is the nominee, I will cast my vote against Trump.

If she is the nominee, I would encourage others to do the same. I hate the thought of helping to send Secy Clinton and all of her debts to donors to the White House. It would be very unsatisfying, and genuinely disappointing to realize that nothing will change in campaign financing, and there will probably be no carbon tax either. ....Another 8 years before a progressive candidate could step forward...

But, NOT QUITE YET. There are still a lot of delegates to be won, and Bernie's blow out barnstorming results in WA, HI, and AK were phenomenal!

My primary isn't until April 29th. The DNC wants Sen Sanders' supporters to acquiesce and rally behind Secy Clinton before all of the Democrats in the country have had the opportunity to make their voices heard. I will not vote for Secy Clinton in the primary. I will vote for Sen Sanders whom I believe shares my priorities.

n.b. I hope no one will "scream" at me for my opinion. Recently, I commented on Daily Kos in response to a diary supporting Secy Clinton. I wrote that I was angry because: (1) I felt that the DNC and DWS decided the nominee before any votes were cast, and (2) the manipulative "Bernie blackout" in the press. Going back to the diary later, the replies to my comment were furious..all caps and attacking me for my opinion--I was in shock for a few minutes. Many of my critics railed about the hostility of Sen Sanders' supporters. I don't plan to go back to Kos anytime soon.

My encounter with a Trump supporter

....was in a parking lot over the weekend. Two rows away from me, a man who was standing halfway out of his car, yelled at me , "You voting for Trump?" Before I thought, I said, "no." The man started yelling at me and charged through the rows of cars at me screaming--I got into my car quickly, but in seconds, he was right at my side so that I couldn't close the door. He started yelling about Hillary and Bernie, and he took a step backwards so I could slam the door and I drove away with him still yelling. Any other Trump supporter encounters out there??


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Emmie 3 years 24 weeks ago

I appreciate your thoughtfulness on the matter. This is nothing to take lightly. I appreciate your opinion, even if for now, it differs with my own. I think my biggest turn off with Clinton is how little she denounced the DNC. My friend is still a Clinton supporter and even she was a little mad about that. My biggest issue in the situation is I feel like the DNC and superdelegates are making this decision for me, not as a reflection of democracy. I would probably vote for Clinton if she would at least acknowledge these issues and, I would consider it even if it happened today. I feel bad that DWS and the DNC have sort of become her representation in my perception because I don't think that is what she wants us to see. She isn't the root of all evil, but, for now, I dislike feeling like a hostage negotiator in this election... my vote is now burdened with what seems like impending doom rather than me being able to see the promise she might have for our country. Though, for now, I disagree with voting for her for now, I'm open to changing my mind if she is willing to help to denounce some of the actions of DNC and help in efforts with the voter fraud (because I'm not convinced she was responsible for that, it seems like the result of crappy voter laws and bad clerical work. It sounds like a gop power grab). I can like her, I just want them to recognize and take seriously the concerns amongst the Sanders crowd. Then, I would be open to the possibility. I need to see we have democracy still... I'm not sure we do. Thanks for voicing your opinion and, for what it's worth, I don't like you any less for it.

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