Life, liberty, and justice have become market commodities available only to the highest bidder. 1963, Democracy ended in the United States of America. Militarism with the war profiteer ushered in a behind the curtain ruling council, later joined with the Federal Reserve they became The Supreme Council. Economic Royalist, kind words from F. D. R., when “fascist” ‘twas their wish. The Industrial age Economic Royalist, as coined by El duce, “fascist” was truly appropriate for them then, as today. Monsters in human form, Kings of the industrial age; the new age monarchy. The New World Order, in the 20s, 30s, known as The World Order. What is it with this word new; neo, neoliberal, neoconservative, neo-Nazi, do they all share a common thread?

Totalitarian rule for the United States of America.

Is communism or fascism the true dictator of China today, or have they joined hands in the middle? We know the result of this type of pack.

Mao said the United States of America, with “its atomic weapons are no more than a paper tiger”, and that China will defeat the United States of America democracy with the population of Chinese alone. Well, is his prophecy being realized? Or is the real enemy within?

Objectivism Ayn Rand Fascism!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a disguise worn by many of today’s fascist. The not so new way of thinking is in direct opposition to the Declaration of Independence, and the body of The Constitution of The United States, We The People. This perverse use of philosophy denies the evolution of humankind. It is about being a God King; we all know that in the end there can be only one, God King.

Fascism, is verboten in the U. S. lexicon, why?

Fear is the fuel of fascism. How can we stop it if we are not allowed to see it, touch it, and speak of it? A duck is a duck. Yes fascism is ugly, ugly, ugly, stop concealing it. Alec? In your face, up your a____nose. How many more Alec are out there?

What of the woman, hardly a lady in Wisconsin. Having all that money can acquire; yet she seeks oppression, dictatorial rule for Wisconsin, indeed, for the United States of America. Why?

When we cast logic out the window and accept wish and superstition to rule, folly prevails. Today’s congress. President Eisenhower did warn of his folly, now ignored. He was to close, unable to see the forest for the trees until it was too late.

The map of Europe today looks much as the fascist map of 1940.

France and Greece are seeking liberty, we will see. What of Portugal, Spain, and Italy? What of the, Union of The United States of America?

One must go back as least to 1776, “all Men are created equal”, turned the world on its head, to understand why these modern day monarchist, Tory, fascist are attempting to turn the clock back to 1330s, some to 753bc, hell some to the beginning of time.

McCarthy Joe, commies everywhere a diversion while fascism marched on in the USA. Even today they are trying to resurrect commies everywhere, be afraid, be afraid of brown people not working so good anymore. Communist, You bet, in Communist China, no 1 business partner of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, fascist and Communist , they so agree on slavery.

Fascism, a kind definition: “a system of government characterized by Strong often-dictatorial control of political and economic affairs. Accompanied by a war like nationalism and brutal suppression of political dissidents and ethnic minorities”.


A curtain of darkness has descended over the United States of America that extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, shrouding the words of freedom, liberty, and justice with militarism, hate, and despotism.

The notion of Objectivism fascist virtue has replaced the act of morality. Paul Ryan, Alan West, Eric Cantor, Darrell Issa, need we say more.

It is no longer Democrat versus Republican

It is Fascist’ Ownership versus Democracy

Repeal all of the current government at the ballot box, Write in only. Place your X for democracy, for humankind.


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