Millions Marchiing For Medicare 4 All is a grassroots organization that is organizing a march on D.C. for Medicare For All on July 24, on the West Lawn of the Capitol. We are also coordinating marches in all 50 states at the same time, with the intention of drawing a huge media blitz of attention. The plurality of Americans now desire Medicare For All, and we are demanding that Congress vote to provide it! We the People are the government and we the people should be deciding our health care system.
The march and rallies are to gain more public sentiment in order to gain more action toward Congress.


THAGOODSPORT 48 weeks 1 day ago

Critical Thinking will now save Democracy in America because someone will read this and pass this information along until the right people do something. Voter Purge Lists are illegal because they are unconstitutional and when used is a Federal Crime because: In America we have this legal protection that says “you are innocent until proven guilty” and that is the mistake the Republicans have made. The States actually have the burden to prove guilt of a crime has been committed BEFORE they can purge anyone from the voter list in that State. So how many more elections do Democrats want stolen from now on depends on if Republicans rewrite the Constitution. Critical Thinking will now save Democracy.

THAGOODSPORT 48 weeks 1 day ago

The Veterans Affairs in Phoenix Arizona needs to be examined by a civil court for prosecution based on disability claims denial rate. Veterans have no chance at the hands of these unqualified people making life changing decisions for disabled and or dying Veterans. My claim started in 1983 in Portland Oregon and moved to Phoenix in 1993 when we located here in Phoenix. I have proven my case for disability connection based on my military entrance medical records and current medical examinations and ships logs acquired under Freedom of Information Act. Yet they can deny claims because they are not held accountable and based on the media these deniers are paid bonuses for denying claims. Veterans deserve the same justice as civilians. First, you’re innocent until proven guilty! VA should have to prove their case that the Veteran did not have an accident or disability aggravated due to service or pre-existing condition. Second, disability cases should be decided in a civil court with a civil Judge like everyone else in America. Documentation can then be determined by professionals in a transparency setting and not behind closed doors by employees of the Veterans Administration. Claims should be awarded within 6 months unless the VA can prove their case against any claim for compensation. US Military Code Title 38, 4.3 Resolution of Reasonable Doubt, award Veterans the “reasonable doubt to the Veteran”. Yet that has never happened in my case. Which, documents the fact that evidence and Military Code are defined in most cases not by an Attorney or Judge but an employee of the Veterans Administration? Third, claims should be paid to the date of the accident without question with interest. Fourth, the “Military” should be the highest level of care due to the fact “people” operate everything and “people” should be the highest expense not the Military weapons budget which is over 700 Billion. You expect service people to risk their lives daily for this Country and your budget for Disabled Veterans is at the living rate of 1960. This must not stand! There is about 5 million Veterans waiting for the wages and Compensation they deserve! Time is of the essence.

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