OP vs RP ; Differentials in the Legal System

John McKinney 1.28.2014

While the author speculates within his title "Why the "Haves" Come Out Ahead",

he then delineates a system where change takes more than one opinion, more than court

preceeding and a period of time consistent with reflection for all parties.

This is a reactive opinion having just finished Marc Galanter's essay, so I would only allow that

I feel there is disparity in the legal system today concerning the OP's and the RP's. Judges

have ruled that money equates to speech in other areas of law.

We see the Supreme Court reconsidering the citizen's united decision and while RP's

and OP's are not the focus of the issue, the subject of money influencing elections thereby

legislative outcomes is indeed similar.

Consider attorneys the bats and gloves the ball is the case and the judge is the

scorekeeper. With low quality gloves that dont properly fit the hands and bats that are too

small this team would be at serious disadvantge if the goal were to actually outscore the

opponent. The more expensive bats and balls do you truly need.

There are cases bearing strong merit where an OS does prevail in court and

settlements are large and function as a punitive action against a repeating of the entities'

same performance. Humans being guilty of having a thing called ego typically see the large

settlement as fuel to dislike and disrespect the attorneys and legal system without

understanding any more than the fact that they spilled coffee on themselves at McDonalds

and were not awarded millions of dollars.

In the end it is the system of governance we have. Change is arduous. Today we lost a

great activist and singer songwriter Pete Seeger, the inequality between the classes is what

he deplored all his life, I leave you with this thought in his remembering...It is not whether

we win or lose that matters nearly so much as the simple fact we rise each day and take

whatever strength we have into the good battle.

In this country albeit in this world, which is truly a great den of iniquity, try and live

your life as such. I do not know the originator of the above sentiment, I adapted it to my own

language here and used it, what I do know is this; if money is your goal in life you will

probably have some, yet never as much as you would like, if justice is your goal you can bring

that about as well by joining the fight giving it the best you have. Being joyful and sincere in

the act of doing will attract like minded people to the cause and you will never ne alone.

If love is your goal and making the world a better place by way of legal and social

changes...its possible in The United States whereas other systems it isn't. Be the change you

seek, it is the best you can do.

RIP Pete Seeger 1920-2014 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=1y2SIIeqy34


One-Shotters versus Repeat Players; Dis-Parity in the Legal System  *RIP Pete Seeger 1920-2014


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mrjrmckinney 6 years 3 weeks ago

this pice I typed in word in AP style man...what is going on here?

this site discombobulated all the type tried over and over to fix it...very irritated with it

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