Here is a note I just sent to ECCHR, along with a donation to help fund their efforts.

Dear Sirs,
European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR)

Here is a note I sent to several friends, hoping they will get involved also. Now that I have researched your contact info, I will encourage them to send contributions via Paypal like I just did, supporting an end to the lawlessness of our US and other world leaders. We will all be much safer as you restore civility to world affairs.

"I wrote letters (not in my name), signed petitions (not in my name), and stood on street corners with signs (Not in My Name!). These arrogant SOB's still tortured in my name, and as a consequence made me less safe as an American as I traveled the world as an International airline pilot.

It's about time, in fact, it is way past overdue. I would applaud the Germans if they can make this stick. They will need to keep it very honest, fact based (Hopefully my Senator Mark Udall will read the entire Torture Memo into the Congressional Record, thus making it available in full, un-redacted form for use in this trial), and above board so that it doesn't appear to be retaliation for our NSA Spying on their government and leaders (that is a different issue, important, but different). If done correctly the German government could do the whole world a huge favor by showing once and for all that this kind of arrogant criminal behavior, done with impunity and acting as if they thought they were above the law, will no longer be tolerated on this planet.

This should be a FAIR Trial, so we encourage President Obama to turn these scoundrels over to them, rather than appearing to harbor international war criminals. If they are innocent as they claim, they should have nothing to worry about, but I'm guessing most of them have already canceled any vacation plans outside the United States".

D.. D.....
United States of America


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