May 31

A Capital Idea Part 72: The Fight of the Century -- Big Government vs. The Big Banskter (A Short Natural Lefty Production)

Moneypimp announcer # 1: "In this corner, representing The People, the reluctant pugilist, Big Government. In the other corner, representing the Financial Oligarchy, The Big Bankster. It's the heavyweight fight of the century, folks!"

Moneypimp announcer # 2: "Yes, it's common knowledge that Big Government didn't want this fight, but the Big Bankster forced the issue. I tell you, my money is on The Big Bankster. Big Government seems on the verge of whimping out, if you ask me."

The fight starts, with The Big Bankster pummeling Big Government with his lead boxing gloves and shouting insults.

Moneypimp announcer # 2: "My, aren't those lead gloves The Big Bankster is using there." Moneypimp announcer #1 whispers in Moneypimp announcer # 2's ear. "Oh, wait a moment! A quick check of the rules shows that it is legal for The Big Bankster to use weighted gloves -- no, not for Big Government, just for The Big Banskter. Hmm, that's interesting." What he didn't mention was that The Big Bankster had the rules changed just last year by buying off the approximately 60% of politicians who are also Moneypimps.

Round one ends, with Big Government being helped back to the corner dazed and confused, with help from some good citizens.

In round two, The Big Bankster shows up with ether on his gloves, also made legal for corporations and banskters only. Big Government is sent woozy and reeling not only by the pummeling from The Big Bankster, but now, also the ether, after his "associates" had paid a visit to the Moneypimp announcers to remind them who was paying their salaries.

Moneypimp announcer # 1: "Looks like The Big Bankster's got Big Government on the ropes. I don't think Big Government can hold on much longer; it's a total mismatch, if you ask me!"

Moneypimp announcer # 2: "But... Isn't that ether dripping from The Big Bankster's gloves?" Moneypimp announcer # 1 and The Big Banskter's "associates" glare at Moneypimp announcer # 2 menacingly. "Oh, I must be mistaken, then. That is just sweat. After all, nobody works harder or deserves success more than The Big Bankster."

And here we are, at the end of round two, with Big Government having been unfairly yet legally pummeled, insulted, and anaesthetized by The Big Bankster. What are we the people going to do about this situation? Clearly, the rules by which our economy operates have been rewritten by monied interests. They need to be rewritten again by the people and their honest representatives, for the good of the general welfare. I thought that this boxing analogy might be useful in illustrating the problem, although it is a problem of which most of us are well aware.

If such a rigged contest were uncovered in sports, it would cause a huge scandal, but in politics, it seems to be accepted as the status quo. (Actually, I think that there is much de facto rigging in sports, but as in politics, it is mostly secret so that the public remains in the dark, which is a different story. By the way, I hate boxing.) However, money not only can influence the law, but also, the message. Despite that, most of us have at least an inkling of what is going on. We know that the system is rigged by money. We just need to figure out how to unrig it, which will require mass action locally, statewide and/or nationally, and honest politicians.

Well, I guess this is my shortest blog post ever. Notice how I used gender neutral language for Big Government (representing "The People") and male language for The Big Bankster (since they all seem to be males).


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