Love is Progressive Part 48: Technology Is Only as Good as how People Use it.

I don't know if intelligent aliens have been visiting our planet or not, but I do recall seeing that some who claim to have spoken with aliens, said that their interest was sparked by concerns about nuclear weapons as a result of World War II. That made a lot of sense to me, plus the location and timing of the Roswell, New Mexico incident in 1947 was suggestive. I suppose that intelligent species from elsewhere would be aghast at some of the misuses of technology that we humans have unleashed upon planet Earth.

I tried doing a search about misuse of technology, but essentially, the topic is so vast and disjointed that I could find no adequate summary of it. Really, the crises that humanity faces now all appear to involve the misuse of technology in some way, from the wanton pollution of the planet, to destructive mining operations, to the release of massive amounts of CO2 and methane into the atmosphere causing climate change, to killer drones and more destructive bombs, to planned obsolescence, to products which harm peoples' health, to using technology to hoard resources, to cyberattacks, cyberpredators, using technology to spy on people without government transparency, or simply students who cut and paste others' work instead of writing their own. And the list goes on. Modern society depends upon technology, which is abused in numerous ways. It is all around us. But many technologies are also used in ethical ways. For example, drones have good uses, but bombing whoever happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, is a bad use of this technology.

The point of this post is that people, governments and businesses need to consider the proper use of technology, not only "what it can do for me." In a capitalist culture, profits "trump" (couldn't resist using that word) other considerations, such as damage to the environment or to people's health. These costs, corporations externalize if they can, meaning that they try to get others, primarily government, to pay for them. And thus, the system is dysfunctional. Government policies often support the misuse of technology too, by favoring corporations which misuse technology, or deciding to cut down forests, or of course, by going to war, and so on.

There must eventually be a fundamental change in how people view technology. The development of technology remains ahead of cultural or spiritual development of humanity. Perhaps this is inevitable, but people need to change themselves at some point, before the abuse of technology drags us all down. That is why I believe that we need to think of changes in society as being synergistic. Technology, when it advances and is used properly, in relative harmony with nature, is a fundamental aspect of progress. However, in order for this to happen, the social forces that drive us need to be in tune with nature, and that means a shift in peoples' hearts and minds, and the way that government and business is conducted. The technological, political, social and spiritual need to advance together. But the key to doing so is awareness of what needs to be done. Corporations will never police themselves. Governments will not police themselves either if people don't insist that they do so, nor will they police corporations. That is why we need democratic, accountable government and a shift away from privately owned businesses that are not accountable to the public. And with the growing environmental crisis that human activities have been creating, we need a shift toward putting our environment and all life forms first, rather than something to simply be exploited by humans.

When that happens, planet earth will thank us, and so will future humans and any morally advanced ETs who might be out there.


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