We need to standardize the way national elections are run for President, Senators and Representatives. The reason being that we all get impacted by how these are run, and the results. Let states run their local and in-state elections anyway they want to. But I’m tired of wondering whether someone really won the Presidency or not. As Thom has noted many times, since we’ve gone to electronic voting machines, exist polls stopped matching vote totals. Then there’s all the range of ways voters get registered, and attempts to purge voter rolls by Republicans.

I think this election was rigged in some way, just like 2000 was, for the same reason. To get a pro-fossil fuel, “wise use” friendly candidate elected, rather than a pro-environmental and clean energy candidate. In 2000, it was Bush-Cheney instead of Gore. This time it was a real estate developer promising "great things with oil and gas", and to put coal miners back in the mines (like that's a good thing) instead of someone promising a half billions solar panels will be erected in her first term.

Trump was the biggest pot calling the kettle black we’ve ever seen in a Presidential election. Every single thing he accused Clinton of being or doing was exactly what he was or had done or was doing. My wife once commented, "It's like he's confessing" whenever he criticizes Clinton in some way. So when he said the election was rigged against him, I fully expected it to be rigged in his favor. Sure enough, he somehow pulls out narrow victories in battleground states he needed to win, defying polls just before the election.

We talk about amending the Constitution to get money out of politics. We should. But we also need to standardize national elections. I don’t fully understand exactly how votes are tallied. I doubt most Americans do. But I suspect there are ways for the system to get manipulated or hacked along the way, and there’s often no paper trail to fall back on.


We need a Constitutional amendment that standardizes national elections


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