We have politicians, including President Obama, whose goal has been to rid the world of nuclear weapons. Realistically, that’s never going to happen. Besides, nuclear weapons have prevented wars. The countries with nuclear weapons have really never gone to war with each other. The former Soviet Union and now Russia could easily have found reason to go to war with the U.S. or other western nations, or vice versa, over the past seventy some years we’ve had nuclear weapons. But they never have because of those nuclear weapons and the real possibility of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD).

Yes, there’s always the possibility of someone going totally irrational and becoming suicidal, or apocalyptic on us and wanting to bring on the rapture. And there’s always the possibility of terrorists, who are just that, getting their hands on one and using it. But there certainly could have been millions of people killed in another World War if not for the ever present "Sword of Damicles" of nuclear weapons hanging over our heads.

So why is everyone so freaked out about Iran or North Korea getting them? Let’s say they do. What are they going to do with them? Launch a first strike at the U.S. or some nation in Europe? That would be suicide. We could easily turn either nation into an inferno, and would, and they know it.

They also know that if they allowed one to fall into hands of terrorists, or even worse, gave them one, we’d eventually learn they did, and hold them accountable for it. The result for them would be the same.

When I first heard George Bush speak of “The Axis of Evil” and list Iraq, I thought “Crap!”. Nothing like giving people reason to get paranoid - especially when you attack one of them shortly after saying it.

Is it any wonder Iran and North Korea upped their efforts to get nuclear weapons? Wouldn’t we have done the same if Germany, or Russia had been the one to use the atomic bomb first? Would we ever stand for being a country who didn’t have nuclear weapons while others did? Why should we expect any less of Iran or North Korea?

And why would we develop nuclear weapons as quickly as possible? To use them? To strike first? Or simply to give other nations a reason to not consider attacking us?

The North Koreans have as much as said publicly that they are developing nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities to give us pause about attacking them. So what do we do? Posture as if we might really do just that.

There’s one thing we haven’t tried. How about offering to promise to never launch a first strike against them to ease their fears?

Anxiety can make people behave irrationally. It’s important to remember that anxiety is about things that could happen, but haven’t yet, and often never do. North Korea could someday launch a first strike with nuclear weapons against the US. Or maybe sell one to terrorists. But like I said, they’d have to be totally irrational and suicidal. North Korea’s leader sometimes seems to border on the first, but I don’t think he’s the latter, or is likely to become that. He enjoys what he has too much to risk it.

So do we want to start a war because of something that could happen, but hasn’t yet, and probably never will? Talk about irrational.


Nuclear Weapons have prevented WWIII for nearly 70 years. A different perspective.


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DrJ 1 year 4 weeks ago

The threat of death by nuclear incineration would indeed give pause to a Communist/atheist country, but I would worry about a religious country which believes in an afterlife, especially a glorious afterlife awarded to those who die during jihad. Additionally, how valued would a Donald Trump promise not to strike first be?

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zapdam 1 year 4 weeks ago

"The countries with nuclear weapons have really never gone to war with each other."

The united States since it developed and used nuclear weapons to kill a quarter million civilians, have been using this weapon as a hammer which they hold over the head of any country it chooses. Then under the threat of nuclear annihilation, the US invades countries and destroys it's infrastructure , while syphoning all the wealth, killing resisters and leaving the country in the hands of American puppets.

Ugly rumor swirling around , that a black ops team illegally entered the Ecuadorian Embassy and goose marched Assange out with a bag over his head and has been renditioned to a black ops site, where he is being tortured for his impudence and will be disappeared.


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