Looking to start a national debate on campaign and congressional change. For starters I am proposing:

Campaign Reform:

1. Limit campaign periods to 60 days for local elections; 90 days for state and congressional elections, and 120 days for presidential elections.

2. Limit campaign contributions to a maximum of $25.00 (individual, person, family, and/or corporate). Further limited to those signing the candidate's application to run for public office. Once the candidate's application has been acceptable, no further contributions from any source are permitted. Candidate receives a fixed amount from the public trust to conduct his or her campaign.

3. Abolish PAC's and 527s.

Congressional Reform:

Limit terms: A maximum of 12 years in elected office. Two six-year terms in the Senate; Six two-year terms in the House. If a member of the house runs for a senate office, he or she must have served less than six years in the House, and can only serve one term in the Senate.

Congressional and Presidential pensions are abolished. Elected officials will pay into social security and draw their pension at age 65, like the rest of us. They may also chose to pay into a IRA or 401k retirement savings plan.

Government health insurance will no longer be provided. Elected officials may purchase health insurance just like the majority of citizens, providing, of course, that they don't have a pre-existing condition that would result in their being denied insurance.

Members of congress will receive a housing stipend while living in Washington, D.C. If they chose to live in their office, as some members have chosen, they will surrender their housing stipend.

Pay raises will be based on the modified CPI, or 3%, the same as the average citizen.

Okay, people, lets have some serious discussion on this. If you agree, get you friends to join us here. Once we have a final platform, then lets push Congress to enact it.

Let's put an end to Congress and the President's position being bought by the Koch brothers and others or their ilk.

Let's restore our government to a government of the people, for the people, and by the people, not a government of the corporations and wealthy, for the corporations and the wealthy, and by the corporations and the people.


Hamlet's picture
Hamlet 8 years 33 weeks ago

An ideal of democracy is One Citizen, One Vote. This is a practical ideal, readily achievable except when the political waters are poluted by the effluvia of vast amounts of corporatist money. Then the ideal is destroyed and replaced by One Dollar, One Vote.

If people in Egypt can send pizzas to citizens in Wisconsin who are protesting the high handed, corrupt, and foolish policies and plans of Governor Scott Walker, then can we not stand up for ourselves? We are, after all, descendants and heirs of the people who threw off the yoke of the most powerful empire on earth in their time, the people who founded our Republic

Navy_Chief's picture
Navy_Chief 8 years 33 weeks ago

I have received some feedback on the issue of health insurance. It has been suggested that members of Congress be allowed to purchase one of the government health plans provided to federal employees, but that right should end when they leave office. I have no problem with that idea, as long as the health care plan is terminated, effective the day they leave office.

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