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No one in Wisconsin will even know Bernie Sanders is running or who he even is. 92.1 The Mic out of Madison, WI is/was a Clear Channel station that ran Thom Hartmann's show live until about 2 weeks ago. They bumped the Thom Hartmann program back to 8pm. Now the usual Brunch with Bernie segment comes on at 8pm on a Friday night. Only your most loyal listeners will and are able to seek out your website if, say, they wanted to call in and ask Bernie a question. However, those aren't the people who *need* to hear you, ya know? Then I thought about my phone, Thom is carried all over the place, I'll just find another station on iHeart Radio... try as I may, I couldn't find one that was live, and I think Clear Channel might have merged with iHeart Radio. Obviously you know the powerhouse Clear Channel is, is it possible Clear Channel as a whole just decided no one needed to listen to you live? I tried finding a browser that could play livestream or whatever your website requires, I can't get it to run for long and it's all choppy and there are ads... Basically the only way I can get it to work properly is your website on a regular computer, which admitedly I was doing anyway, but now I can't listen on the go and it bothers me others won't get to hear your message because if it takes that much effort most people won't do it.

Although 92.1 advertises throughout the day that your show is on at 8pm, I always forget to turn my radio on because I could not bear to listen to the show that comes before it, the one they decided *should* be live as opposed to Thom Hartmann- Alan Colmes. >:(


Dexterous's picture
Dexterous 4 years 6 weeks ago

Thom Hartmann and his sidekick Ed Schultz ranted on Scott Walker non stop for over two years. Their efforts resulted in Walker winning in two elections by landslides.

Perhapss it is best if these two change their attack practices. Clearly what they have been doing is failing.

Or, figure out the population of WI doesn't give a shit about what they have to say.

Nightowl420's picture
Nightowl420 3 years 50 weeks ago

His "side kick"? I can't stand Ed Schultz, all he does is rant. Somewhere around the time I quit listening all Ed was interested in was unions. Do you have any idea how many other ways he(Walker) screwed over the state in that bill? I pretty much quit MSNBC when I noticed all their commercials(at least online) were from energy(oil) companies and jet engines. I noticed Rachel Maddow hadn't said a word about the horrible things they were doing in quite some time- because she would lose her job. Ok, I wasn't entirely certain if the reason they bumped Thom to 8pm was b/c of Bernie or b/c they started using a sound bite of Thom saying "There are 2 kinds of Republicans- rich people, and suckers" as their advertisement for his show. I'm not sure half the state appreciated being called a sucker, I will admit that, and did notice he now says there are 3 kinds ^_^ I'm not entirely sure that was it though. They bumped Stephanie Miller out of live to Thom's slot, put a semi-conservative from AM radio in her place, added an extra hour to a local "Devil's Advocates"(progressive vs pseudo libertarian best friends) who were already floundering for content for the 2 hours they had previously. I'd listen to that to find out what shenanigans are going on at the state capital if I didn't keep forgetting to turn on my radio, it used to be my morning routine to turn on Thom and only heard the Devil's b/c I neglected to turn off the radio. I occassionally turned it on *specifically* to hear local commercials, but no more! Then comes Alan Colmes, live! The 1st day they had him live one of his guests was Ron Jeremy. o.O THEN comes Thom... ... ... Look, I swear like a sailor, maybe worse, but I don't want to hear my news in ranting form, I prefer knowledge or comedy. Thom has a wealth of knowledge I never knew existed before and is polite and respectful, and since I can't seem to find John Oliver online, Redacted Tonight works nicely for my comedy ;)

Nightowl420's picture
Nightowl420 3 years 50 weeks ago

Also, I'm not entirely sure Scott Walker was "elected" twice. Thom had mentioned the voting machines- try googling Kathy Nicklaus(who I think even still has a job!) or look up the John Doe investigation and his former staffers that have been convicted.

zapdam's picture
zapdam 3 years 50 weeks ago

I understand your frustration, I'm from Canada and last September 2014, Sirius Satellite( Canada version) dropped not only Thom Hartmann, but every other left wing show on then channel 127 and replaced channel 127 with right wing Christian talk. I cancelled my Sirius subscription, told them that they were trying to force Canadians to listen to right wing talking points and i won't stand for it. I then wrote a letter to our Federal Government run CRTC (Canadian Radio and Television Corporation) , now controlled by conservatives party and told them my concerns , but received a curse response from the right wing infiltrated service , that they did not tell private companies using our airwaves how to do their programming , which of course is a lie , because the CRTC was created to do just that and make sure Canadian programming content was not over run will American programming and is fair and balanced.

Anyway bottom line , if you own a tablet , iPod, iPad , iPhone or any Android smart phone or anu smart phone, you can go directly to and buy a subscription for a month for the cost of one lunch at McDonalds , then download Thoms app and directly download every one of his programs to your device and then listen to it at your pleasure 24/7. If you own a late model vechicle with 'blue tooth' you can even steam the programming from your device through your vehicles sound system.

zapdam's picture
zapdam 3 years 50 weeks ago

I see the paid right wing troll posters are here.

Legend 3 years 50 weeks ago

This is what happens when your media is owned by the 1%. Clear Channel is owned by Bain (Romney).

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