Thom Hartmann has effectively been silenced in Wisconsin

No one in Wisconsin will even know Bernie Sanders is running or who he even is. 92.1 The Mic out of Madison, WI is/was a Clear Channel station that ran Thom Hartmann's show live until about 2 weeks ago. They bumped the Thom Hartmann program back to 8pm. Now the usual Brunch with Bernie segment comes on at 8pm on a Friday night. Only your most loyal listeners will and are able to seek out your website if, say, they wanted to call in and ask Bernie a question. However, those aren't the people who *need* to hear you, ya know? Then I thought about my phone, Thom is carried all over the place, I'll just find another station on iHeart Radio... try as I may, I couldn't find one that was live, and I think Clear Channel might have merged with iHeart Radio. Obviously you know the powerhouse Clear Channel is, is it possible Clear Channel as a whole just decided no one needed to listen to you live? I tried finding a browser that could play livestream or whatever your website requires, I can't get it to run for long and it's all choppy and there are ads... Basically the only way I can get it to work properly is your website on a regular computer, which admitedly I was doing anyway, but now I can't listen on the go and it bothers me others won't get to hear your message because if it takes that much effort most people won't do it.

Although 92.1 advertises throughout the day that your show is on at 8pm, I always forget to turn my radio on because I could not bear to listen to the show that comes before it, the one they decided *should* be live as opposed to Thom Hartmann- Alan Colmes. >:(

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