Ok, I missed today's "Meet the Press". I recall the 1st time Bernie Sanders was on the Meet the Republicans, Chuck Todd tried to bait Bernie into attacking Hillary. When he wouldn't be baited, Chuck was laughing at him before he was even off the stage saying he wasn't a serious candidate. I thought maybe now Bernie has officially announced and is getting more traction he would have Bernie on to debate some Republicans, call him a socialist and not give him a chance to explain since the average viewer probably doesn't know the definition of the word, and have the republicans all talk over him and not let him have a word in edgewise. I was however able to catch a clip of his interview, he was not on a panel that I could tell, all he wanted to ask him about was an article someone drudged up from 1972. If I remember correctly, Bernie's somewhere around my mom's age, who grew up mostly in the 50s. Forgive me if I don't have my history correct, I was born in 1980... But it seems to me around that time women's lib or feminism was kind of new. Of course Chuck took one part of one sentence completely out of context. If you read the whole thing with an open mind it was more a statement on/against gender inequality/oppression during time periods Chuck Todd surely does not remember and therefore has no proper context in which to frame it. I doubt he's much older than me, if that, the way he acts. So, when Bernie refuses to speak ill of another candidate, there was nothing interesting, he didn't want to hear issues. Mention the word "sex"? Chuck's all over it...


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di 4 years 15 weeks ago

Chuck Todd didn't ask one valid question on the issues. He wanted to know if Bernie thought Bill Clinton and Obama were progressive enough, and some questions about Hillary. Nothing about what Bernie talks about, Citizens United, Medicare, Social Security, Veterans...etc. I live in Mn and only found out late Friday or early Saturday that he was coming to Mpls, didn't hear a word on our local news channels. My husband and I went....WOW! The line went down Franklin Ave, around the corner down 19th Street arond the corner down 16th Ave. We were the last ones in line for about a split second! As the line moved more and more people were getting in line. It was pretty incredible. They had to move it to a bigger venue, and we didn't even get in the door, they had speakers outside so we could hear. About 2,000 responded on Facebook that they would attend and I've read 4,000 showed up. Next time he comes here, it will be bigger yet! Pretty mad that once again he didn't get the coverage that he should get.

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Ozark Matt 4 years 15 weeks ago

Chuck Todd is a media whore. He sucks balls.

Bernie is more qualified than Hillary and will make her look stupid in debates, so I guess any debates Democrats have in primary season will take place on friday nights when nobody watches t.v. or something like that. Most questions will go to Hillary and when Chuck Toad is the moderator he will justify it as frontrunnerdom.

Too many stupid Democrats still watch CNN, we have got to change it. CNN hates Bernie. Chuck Todd would suck off a homeless man if he could for more money and "access". That is how I heard he got the got the job originally.

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Kilosqrd 4 years 14 weeks ago
Quote Nightowl420:

....some Republicans, call him a socialist and not give him a chance to explain since the average viewer probably doesn't know the definition of the word....

Or one could do what I did. I went directly to the Democratic Socialist website and read it for myself. Bernie Sanders will get destroyed if he campaigns on that platform.

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