On Sunday mornings I watch “Meet the Press” and tape “Reliable Sources” just because. I wish “Meet the Press” was meatier and pushy like good reportage needs to be. I watch Kurtz because for the most part he turns an honest critical lens on the media in his weekly CNN show. From what I gather, he even criticizes the reporting on his own network. I find his approach fresh and enlightening. I wish there were more networks that not only criticized the reporting of the media on other networks and papers but also included themselves. It’s always good to praise the good and chastise the bad so that the media can do a better job.

Then there’s Fox News Watch with Eric Burns which is a weekly program that ‘covers the coverage’ so they say. Well, golly gee wilikers, they critique everyone but themselves. This week, host Jon Scott and his panel had time to cover the fifth anniversary of YouTube, but didn’t have time to analyze their colleague Jon Stossel’s on-air call for the repeal of the Public Accommodation section of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It’s not the first time Fox News Watch has had difficulty covering its own in the past. For instance, the Saturday after Fox executives yanked Sean Hannity’s plans to broadcast his show live from the Cincinnati Tea Party, with “all proceeds” benefiting the organization, Scott and company were silent. (This was after Rupert Murdoch told listeners that his news organization shouldn’t be endorsing one political party over another.)

Back when it was launched in 1997, Fox News Watch was a respectable program that really lived up to Fox’s now bankrupt slogan “Fair and Balanced.” Today, like most of the network, it no longer is fair and really hasn’t been balanced in a long long time. It and the rest of Fox are desperately longing for the days when they could broadcast from anywhere in and/or around the White House with unprecedented access. And they are sad they can’t do that anymore. So now, right wing causes and strictly Republican viewpoints are emphasized. Count how many times in a broadcast day that the term “liberal media” is used. You may even want to create a drinking game, as long as you have a designated driver. (One could also play the “socialist” name calling drinking game as well.)

Why am I wasting time with a network that only panders to the lazy? I’m not sure. I guess I want those lumps to get off their butts and seek the truth. Ditto heads, whether Fox or Rush’s, are bringing this great country of ours down. Ignorance drives me nutty but intellectual laziness really bothers me especially when the truth can be found so easily. I was encouraged to hear that Beck has lost 1/3rd of his audience since January. Finally folks are realizing that this guy’s “insights” really are bat shit. But I digress. I guess you can find that out for yourself if you watch.

If the “Gold Bubble” does burst as Fox’s Jonas Ferris predicts, I wonder what sponsor Glenn will get to support his show? And for Fox News Watch, well, just chuck them in with the know-a-little-about-a-little crowd of Hannity, O’Reilly and Beck for a wholesome foursome.


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