Carl Paladino, O'Donnell's and Firorina's concession speeches were not the best examples of civil discourses, but who cares. It seems that rudeness and the "over-the-top" comment seems to be the new civil tongue. With all the money being showered on various races around the country, thanks to "Citizens United" the civil rational voice of the people seems to be muted. I am sure you agree that we are all glad the ads are gone. When I was in New Jersey recently and watching my Giants during the playoffs, every commercial break from the game include 3 or 4 ads slamming opponents on both sides of the political spectrum. It wasn't pretty nor informative. Outside corporations poured tons of money into local races to try and insure their guy was elected to preserve the status quo. Politics over people. What bugs me the most were the ads that appealed to the emotion and not the brain. Ads that made statements that were either grossly overstated or had no substantial proof. Sour grapes? You bet. And this time the grapes are real. Looking ahead to the future 2 years is as depressing as it is anger provoking. The agenda is simple for the Republicans, make sure Obama is a one-term president. How hopeful is that? The Senate, which of late has become impotent will become more so and no little blue pill will make a difference. In the end, it really isn't the democrats who have felt loss, it will be us.

Obama is not Hitler. The agenda for the past two years has not been socialist. This is the view of the main stream media, Fox and it's friends. If one says it often enough then people believe it. Fair and balanced has given way to fear and loathing. Nancy Pelosi wasn't just a nice lady with whom "I don't think we can work with." No, she became Satan. The democratic agenda became socialism. Extreme words that bode a fearful response turned into an angry response. And when people are either fearful or angry, they don't always make the best choices. So what do we do? Many of those who voted for Obama in '08 chose not to go to the polls because perhaps they felt like the wind (and spit) blowing in their faces was too strong to beat back. Well now the Republicans have the tiller in the House. Where will moderation go? Time will tell. I will miss Alan Grayson's candidness in telling it like it is. I am not looking forward to Boehner's tears every time he talks about America as if the Republicans are the party of patriots and not corporatists and democrats are whimps and not really "Americans". (Personally I'd like to see Eric Cantor as Speaker)

There is a lot of work we need to do in the next two years to help push the progressive agenda forward so that all people can be heard and not the few with the loudest voices or the big bankroll. Jobs need to be created and corporations need to be held accountable for those jobs keeping them here in the U.S. Manufacturing needs to come back to the U.S. We are no longer the economic power that we keep telling ourselves we are. Spending without taxation needs to be controlled. We must push the republicans to spell out exactly what they would cut in "discretionary spending." Defense? Medicare? Social Security? Stop them from laying platitude after platitude and pin them to the wall on their plan. The big thing, though is to not roll over and die. This is our country and we need to be civil, with one another and within the halls of congress.

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dwright 9 years 11 weeks ago

You know Thom, normally I really like listening to you as as I drive home from work, sometimes I leave work early just to hear you, but if you could listen to what you report it seems (or at least when I have a chance to listen) is everything awful or things you do not like about President Obama. I am not attacking you or any type of motive, but I believe Independents listen to you and that your constant barrage against him have caused many of the non ideologues to vote Republican this time around. I know that when Obama told us to keep his feet to the fire, did that include insults and attacks on his character? By continually offering an olive branch (which is what I would do) is going to cause problems for the GOP and TP down the road with the swing voters. I read his speech again and if you look closely he is NOT capitulating at all on what he feels is important and imperative. As I said, I don't mind hearing some thoughtful analysis, but the relentless day in and down out attacks leave me a bit stymied. Why don't you report what is actually in the health care bill over and over again - the good things ( not ONLY how he has fallen short of your desires), why don't you report on what is good in the financial reform (instead of how it has fallen short) why don't you focus on all of the other things that are really great that will be overturned in 2012 if we don't maintain - at least the presidency. I was also thinking that Progressives and liberals need to start the spin right now that if the Executive, Legislative, Judicial and the 4th estate are all given to one party along with Citizens United and the redrawing of districts we will be living in Tyranny. There is a great quote by James Maddison about this. “Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation

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