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Gentlemen, Reverse Your Engines

What an interesting week! Interesting in it's ups and downs, more ups than downs. Starting with the Giant's win deep in the heart of Texas in front of George W. Bush and the unflappable Laura. ( I know, this is the 3rd or 4th time I've written about the Giants…it's just a great story) The great Nolan Ryan Express was sitting to the left of the Bushes looking rather glum. Very few people gave the Giants much of a chance of going all the way to the trophy ceremony. First the San Diego Padres, followed the Braves then the Phillies and finally the best team the American League had to offer, the Rangers. Great season. Great finish. Great Parade down Market Street (as long as you were standing in the front or second row. Bad if you were in the 8th,9th 10th+ row). A triumph for the ultra liberal city by the bay. (yes there IS a tree in my front yard I hug on a regular basis)

Then came Tuesday (ahead of the Parade…I'm going backwards and sideways). The mid-term elections which caused a bunch of good Democratic guys swept out the House of Representatives to be replaced by Republicans. Mixed messages as to why this switch took place. Republicans say it represents a repudiation of Obama's policies and Democrats say it was the lack of clarity of message of success. Whatever the case on this Friday, the House belongs to the Reds and the Senate still stays with the Blues. What will get done? Probably nothing. What's the focus, the plan for the next two years on the republican's part? New jobs? Energy? Nah, the Republican view is to add one more person to the unemployed, President Obama. That's the plan. Oh sure, they will try to not-fund part of the Health Care Plan but that's a very shaky Jenga which may bring down the whole thing. Then there's Pelosi who won her seat in her district but lost the speakership. Tough woman, tough politician, tough to love tough legislator. The first woman Speaker of the House lead a House through the myriad of stuff to produce a tremendous amount of new laws. Don't let someone else tell you what was produced in the last 2 years, you go and check it out for yourself. You make up your own mind. Don't some news outlet tell you what to think. You are smarter than that, aren't you? Obama is in India today. I asked him to drop by the call-center owned by an American Corporation that holds our mortgage to say hello to "Richard" our file manager and compliment him on how well his English is coming along.

The new slogan for the next two years leading up to Obama's re-election, "Gentlemen, reverse your engines."
See you Monday...
and so it goes...

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