As individuals and as a group, we seem to resist coming to grips with the tenuous nature of existence on a rock hurtling through space. (Immanuel Velikovsky noticed this; see his "Mankind in Amnesia".)

In general, the ancient accounts of tough, disturbing conditions are considered myths. And, in our own time, we disregard safety in our choices, like building, industrialization, and scientific development practices -- for example, draining wetlands and filling coastal areas to use as sites for dwellings and cities. Such high risk behavior invites a personal apocalyptic event.

And yet, simultaneously, many in our culture insist on embracing Christian Faith Practices that preach scenarios of end times of total destruction proportions, and actually look forward to it because it means their God will appear then.

And, as if to keep pace with this, the Ruling Elite pursues policies and funding and the creation of apocalyptic tools like nuclear weaponry, depleted uranium proliferation, biological weaponry, weather modification weaponry, and GMO-biosphere contamination.

Propaganda has been formulated to sell us these bizarre profit-streams.

That is, just to make a buck, humans have developed patterns of liar behavior, and even produced Doomsday products.

All this propaganda and its ends are a waste of our precious time on this Planet, and wastes our work and lives -- when what we really need to be doing is looking with open eyes at our real situation and grappling with our actual fate as inhabitants of a Planet in Space, investing effort to find real survival solutions.

And then here the Ruling Elite comes along with yet another huge propaganda program to promote a new profit-stream for themselves.

If Nature is doing what it does best, exercising its changeability, then the best thing for us to be doing is learning how best to live with it, not make it worse. But the Profiteering Class is in charge, and therefore, no one is at the helm steering. All the dominant Earth humans careen around on the Planet trying to figure out how to make the greatest profit. How much better if the goal was how to make it so we can all live as well and happily as possible while we are here.

Changeable weather, fluctuating climate conditions -- inevitable.

Being exploited by apocalyptic propaganda schemes to make money from the reality of inevitable fluctuating climate conditions -- this should not be inevitable.

The writer at the link below calls it a global warming cult. I think it is more like a global warming cartel which has used propaganda to create a cult.

But I especially appreciate his logic in pointing out that change is just what weather and climate conditions do.




Another reason we know Anthropocentric Global Warming is a hoax is that Scientific Method is supposed to allow for others to double-check the work leading to the theory. In other words, starting with the same data and applying the same methods, I should get the same results. But in the case of Anthropocentric Global Warming, this is impossible. The CRU, in response to Freedom of Information Requests for the raw data on which they based their dire predictions of doom, first stalled, then admitted they had destroyed the raw data! We mere mortals are expected to simply take their word their conclusions are accurate. I have to wonder with all the tens of millions of dollars in funding CRU enjoyed, why they could not purchase an extra hard drive to save that raw data!

In ancient times rulers ruled by what ever lie would convince the people that they needed to be ruled. One very common dodge was rule by divine right. I am your ruler because God said so. But as mankind has evolved and become more sophisticated, and understands that the idea of God is more a metaphor than reality, rulers intent on using deception to rule their people have had to come up with more convincing myths. Obey me and I will save you from the Communists. Obey me and I'll save you from the terrorists. Obey me and I will save you from global warming. And so forth...

So the push to sell global government on the basis of human caused global warming is just another variation on the theme of I am the ruler because the gods hath decreed it so.

Maybe it's time for humans to evolve past this latest deception.

As for the actual evidence calling into question the claims of human caused global warming, we can start with the very small percentage of atmospheric carbon dioxide actually created by human industry. The attempt by the global warming cult to claim that natural carbon dioxide is not a problem because nature balances it out, but human caused carbon dioxide is a threat, betrays the agenda of of taking something that occurs naturally and focusing the blame for it onto humans in order to guilt them out of money and obedience.


[read more at link]


In the link above, under "2. Ancient Lies", he describes how the Church responded to the mini-ice age of the Dark Ages with propaganda that accused people of being 'witches' and blamed them for causing the cold weather. And even killing so-called witches put money in the then Ruling Elite's coffers, as they confiscated the property and lands of those so-called 'witches'. So profiteering from weather changes is not a new scam.


DdC's picture
DdC 6 years 37 weeks ago

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world;
the unreasonable one persists
in trying to adapt the world to himself.
Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
-- George Bernard Shaw

How does one make money not poisoning people? Global warnings of warming are not the most eminent problem of fossil fools greed products. Dioxins, pcb's and sulfur. Carbon emissions in traffic jams. Brown lung came from burning coal in close quarters. Now making most of our electricity. Turning a generator, which is turning an electric motor backwards. Many alternatives to getting us sick. Besides flooding islands and Arctic habitats. Hydrocarbons or Carbohydrates is the choice. Non renewable OPEC crap or family farmers biodiesel and non corn biomass. Wind and solar, compost toilets! DC is so full of shit they could power the eastern seaboard.

The Lie of Balance
With the exception of occasional investigative articles or self-styled "analyses," modern journalism too often reverts to a formula where "fairness" and "balance" - to use the famous buzz words - prevail over "honesty" or "truth."

Trolls working for coal, oil and gas. Fracking frickers. Sludge collectors. Frankenfud, Nukes and Wars downgraded to for profit police actions. Making a buck on kids asthma. Flooding and temperature differentials causing more intense storms. Jeopardizing Americans lives with no allegiance to the country or constitution. Profits selling crap. Dioxins and other carcinogens spewed on the citizens. So you can keep your smog in the clouds and traffic jams as gravy trains. I can't summon the verbiage to describe how low on the food-chain transnational corporatist life forms are. Fascists Science is too busy genetically modifying nature with little or no regard for the well being of the people.

Bivings Group
Bivings work, premised on the power of the Internet, engages in covert online attacks and web based front groups.

Anonymous hacks Monsanto PR firm Bivings Group
Operation End Monsanto is still very much up and running. Pwnage will continue indefinitely.

First Victim: Bivings Corporation
Death and Taxes confirms that the Bivings Group is “a now defunct PR firm which was known to have worked with Monsanto.” The report goes on to speculate about the role Anonymous played in putting an end to the Bivings Group

Monsanto's top 10 most blatant lies against California Proposition 37

Osborn & Barr Communications
Osborn & Barr was formed in 1988 with Monsanto as its founding client. The company's slogan is, "We create belief." - Friday, January 15, 1999 Osborne & Barr to harvest Monsanto's ag marketing.

Big Lies by Joe Conason
The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth

Your religion is not science. Your manipulating and diversions, coercion and murder. Trashing the oceans at tax payers expense. Wars to protect wells and casting doubt is only another means to an end. Same as flat out lies called nonfactual. CO2 retains heat, making it retains more and that is the problem in spite of your addiction to profits. More than likely a troll paycheck. Heat expands matter, doesn't matter what it is. Is that deja vu all over? Haliburden is still paying off cancer victims from selling asbestos 20 years after they found out about it. Not to worry, they made it all back with no bid contracts selling support in Iraq. Monsanto fought for 7 years with their crack team of lawyers, including Cliarence Thomas. To keep from paying victims of their dioxin dumping into the Mississippi. What the Koch's are dumping is hard to tell since environmental regulations have been gutted. Living downstream is not the brothers problem.

Koch-Owned Georgia-Pacific Environmental Crimes

The Wrecking Crew: Thomas Frank on How Conservatives Rule

So you think you know why the church killed witches eh? Same as why the Koch cage them today. Like we learned from unkle adorf, killing is a waste of profits when you can just make them sick and sell them the same Bayer IGFarben antidotes and long term treatments. BritPiss Schell Nexxon valdez or condi's chevron toxic waste. Clean ups paid by taxes Norquestion never forces GOPerverts to pledge against. Such blatant hypocrites. Aborting more in the bible belt from Big Ag chemicals. While shutting clinics down for rural families seeking medical treatment from the crop-dusters. Hospitals have become MASH units, send them home quickly, only to return and sell them more "treatment" again. I don't doubt the laws of physics but i am wondering if Germany really lost the war, or just moved HQ to Wall St.

CO2 retains heat, a high school experiment
This very simple unsophisticated high school science experiment comparing the heat retention of two gaseous environments differing in CO2 levels showed that the temperature of the enclosure containing the increased gaseous CO2 took longer to equilibrate to room temperature than the enclosure filled with just air.

Carbon Dioxide and Fossil Fuels
What is the evidence that the use of fossil fuels, which produces carbon dioxide, is causing an increased Greenhouse effect and global warming?

Peek or Peekaboo - Crude Oil Still Sucks

Chevron’s SF Bay oil refinery fire v Hemp
Poor Community Still Sickened by Chevron Refinery Fire
Chevron’s Dirty Legacy Felt from Brazil to the Bay Area
Navy Ship Crashes Into Oil Tanker
Chevron subpoenas non-profit for defending the Rainforest

Monsanto's Love Child Cliarance



Maybe it's time for humans to evolve past this latest deception.

Al Capone and Watergate were red herrings
to divert the countries attention from the
Fascist acts of eliminating competition.
Booze/Ethanol or Ganja//Hemp.

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