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World's Largest Gun Show headquartered in NEWTOWN, CT

And it is the same Newtown where the little ones were gunned down.

Does it matter that THE NATIONAL SHOOTING SPORTS FOUNDATION is headquartered in NEWTOWN, Connecticut? If it doesn't (have you heard anyone mention this?), then it should!

Gun sales were so high at the group's recent giant gun "fair" in Las Vegas, that people were paying for guns that are on backorder. So the gun sales guys made profits, despite (or because of?) the Newtown deaths-by-gun. And, since the state of Connecticut is a premiere gun manufacturing state in the USA, these manufacturers are making profits over their expectations despite (or is it because of?) the murders of the little children of Connecticut.

It would be interesting to see just who has profitted most in the aftermath of the shooting of schoolchildren. Is there a pattern that has developed? Do profits for gun makers and sellers usually soar after these murderous events? Is it a Disaster Capitalism pattern, not only a murderous disaster taken advantage but possibly a -- no, maybe one shouldn't say the unspeakable....

Here is an article by Justin Berton in The San Francisco Chronicle that reports the fact that the world's largest gun show is operated out of NEWTOWN, Connecticut--


LAS VEGAS -- One month and one day after the elementary-school massacre that threatens to change the American gun industry, a group based where that atrocity took place mixed defiance with discretion Tuesday in opening the doors to the world's largest gun show.

More than 60,000 gun dealers, retailers and apparel makers are in Las Vegas this week for the annual Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade convention, hosted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation of Newtown.


[read more at link]

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The One Thing That Scares Donald Trump

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