Hard to believe the subheading on this article which reassures us that the ocean plume containing Fukushima radiation will be "harmless". (And the Siemens ads don't reassure, as Siemens is a premiere nuclear developer.)



The discussions below recognize the realities of radiation --

Man-made -- that is, manufactured -- radioctive element Cesium 137 described in this video, including tangential mention of government cover-ups about radiation contamination --


Further information about speakers at a symposium co-sponsored by Helen Caldicott Foundation and Physicians for Social Responsibility--




World Health Organization (WHO) proves itself useless during current radiation contamination emanating from Fukushima--



Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 5 years 3 weeks ago

Thanks for those links, Nora! I watched that one 20 minute lecture on Cesium 137...very scary! I think I'll watch it again...and then buy a Geiger Counter..and stop eating fish and bananas...and everything else?

We're all gonna die! ...sooner or later...but I'd rather it were later...much later! But Fukushima may pull the plug a litte sooner, I'm afraid. And the governments are lying to us...what else is new? Thyroid cancer...here we come!

nora's picture
nora 5 years 3 weeks ago

I hear you, Palindromedary! What to do, what to do....Whatever happens though -- we shouldn't have to be alone in the experience!

Because those operating our government institutions shirk their duty to meet our needs -- Americans are being taxed to build more death-dealing nuclear power plants but we are not being given a dime's worth of guidance on what to do or expect in this nuclear pollution emergency.

The Establishment has separated us into segments, has sequestered us into our living rooms (if we are lucky enough to have homes) in front of TVs (replete with media disinformation) -- so we cannot even experience this radiation poisoning challenge with the solidarity and mutual comfort of COMMUNITY. Instead, The Establishment wants us each to crawl away and experience our suffering alone, as if our cancer were our personal burden, our individual falling out with "God" (Calvinist notion). We are expected to believe Imperial America is "EXCEPTIONAL", as President Obama put it the other day; therefore, America cannot be seen to suffer as a nation or as a people. The radiation coming from Fukushima must not be acknowledged. Instead, the only scenario The Establishment permits each of us is a scenario devoid of COMMUNITY and devoid of mutual support, a scenario that limits each of us to being alone with our personal "failure", crisis, pain and death.

This radioactive death sentencing has been going on for a couple generations now -- seeing as our own government initiated the mining of so much uranium, tested so many nuclear bombs, accumulated so much radioactive waste, allowed so much questionably 'safe' medical radiology, and given us so much radiation poisoning that, by now, the USA nuclear industry has harmed and killed as many Americans from nuclear industrial radiation as 'enemies' of the USA.

Zenzoe 5 years 3 weeks ago

I have a relative who is a professor at the Colorado School of Mines and who teaches Liberal Arts and International Studies. Most of her students are engineering bound, though (students who are pretty clueless about environmental issues, she says). She has also written about and done scholarship on nuclear power and other energy issues, given that she must be up-to-speed on those subjects in school conferences and within classroom discussions. Generally, she tends to be a liberal progressive on most subjects, but I learned recently that she's "on the fence" about nuclear power. Just between you and me, I think the propaganda that compares nuclear power with coal has her confused, so that she's not able to take a stand unequivocally against nuclear power. Apparently, her scholarship has not led her to the debunking by environmentalists on that position.

How anyone could be on the fence about nuclear power, especially after Fukushima, is beyond me.

I do know that as a resident of San Diego county, where the San Onofre nuclear plant used to loom depressingly in my mind before its demise, I feel deeply relieved that in this earthquake-prone area we at least don't have to worry anymore about a Fukushima-style meltdown here. Of course, that doesn't deny the on-going threat of Fukushima-related issues here now. I'm certainly not eating any fish caught in the pacific, for one thing.

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