Incredible to hear that Foster Farms could REFUSE to recall its salmonella-tainted product despite the sick and hospitalized individuals suffering from the Foster Farms corporate NEGLIGENCE and DISREGARD FOR PUBLIC SAFETY. Corporate profits come first before the health and safety of the Public, is that it? Articles below explain how this state of affairs came to be.

Here is another Foster Farms P.R. statement that got to me: Foster Farms said they aren't responsible, because it's the peoples' fault -- people should be cooking the chicken meat more. WAIT A MINUTE, Foster Farms! ANYTHING your contaminated product touches spreads the germs. The refrigerator it touched, the kitchen or restaurant counters, the sinks, the tools like knives and cleavers, etc., peoples' hands. Your contaminated meat can contaminate a whole cooking area even before the meat is cooked as thoroughly as your CEO and P.R. Department think is the customers' responsibility! Egad. Foster Farms' chicken could contaminate a whole locker of foodstuffs even before it is prepared for cooking, spreading Foster Farm Disease everywhere. Disgusting germy product. And the mealy-mouthed public relations put out after Foster Farms' product poisons customers is ALSO DISGUSTING.

These are interesting articles about the issue of Foster Farms sickening Americans with their tainted product:



More than 40% of those sickened in this current outbreak have been hospitalized because of the seriousness of their infections. That is about twice the average number in a typical Salmonella outbreak. In addition, 13% of those hospitalized have developed Salmonella septicemia, a serious blood infection. That number is almost three times the average. And four of the seven strains of Salmonella Heidelberg on Foster Farms chicken are resistant to antibiotics; some of the strains are resistant to several antibiotics. That makes these infections much harder to treat. It’s also important to remember that Salmonella infections are very under-reported. The multiplier used in outbreaks to estimate the actual number of those sickened is 30.3. That means that almost 10,000 people are likely ill from Foster Farms chicken.


[end excerpt]


Foster Farms won't recall their own infectious meat product, but a large supermarket chain is trying to draw the line--



Still, Foster Farms refuses to do its own recall. So, Wednesday, the country's largest grocery store chain, Kroger, decided on its own to pull some of the products. Kroger is the parent company of QFC and Fred Meyer. When KIRO 7 crews checked into several QFC stores Wednesday night, there were deeply discounted whole Foster Farms chickens, but no packages of butchered chicken breasts or thighs.

Andrew Astorga was heading into Seattle's Interbay QFC. He said he wasn’t too concerned because he assumes all chicken might be contaminated, so he makes sure it's cooked all the way through. But Randall Durant at Snohomish Health District cautions that is not enough. You should make sure chicken is cooked all the way to 165 degrees, which would kill the salmonella. But perhaps the greatest risk is not in the cooking, but in the preparation of the rest of your meal. "If you don't properly wash rinse and sanitize surfaces," he explained, "then you go make a salad on that counter, it can cause illness to the rest of your family, even before you have the chicken."


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