Instead of Japanese officials joining with other power centers so that INTERNATIONAL resources and science experts can coalesce to initiate a long range plan to address the FUKUSHIMA DISASTER, the Japanese power structure has chosen to allow the continued poisoning of the Earth and is lamely, stupidly, destructively attempting to SAVE FACE BEHIND A STATE SECRETS LAW that criminalizes any whistleblowers or journalists who communicate the facts about FUKUSHIMA to the public!

This plainly insane! We still have the chance to form an INTERNATIONAL RESPONSE TO FUKUSHIMA, however the corporate culture brokers and their bagmen in the Oligarchies across the world seem to think it isn't necessary; from their worldview and love of disaster capitalism profits (of which WAR and WAR-PROFITEERING are clearly a part), they would just as soon pretend FUKUSHIMA's nuclear meltdowns were a new profit center. The DISASTER CAPITALISTS are more interested in figuring a way to make new profits from a disaster than from solving a disaster and holding its dire effects in check!

While secrets are kept in a fashion that is antithetical to an open society with free flow of information, the NUCLEAR RADIATION POLLUTION CONTINUES.

Also, there is Ralph Nader's view in the article below where he spells out the insane nature of these STATE SECRETS LAWS and how they may lead to greater militarism and possible international conflict.


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