Check out BAYER CEO's unbridled WHITE SUPREMACIST viewpoint regarding who should be cured of cancer! MR. MARIJN DEKKER says Bayer's NEAVAR is only for treating westerners with the big bucks!?


In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Bayer CEO Marijn Dekkers said that his company’s new cancer drug, Nexavar, isn’t “for Indians,” but “for western patients who can afford it.”

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nora's picture
nora 6 years 4 weeks ago

So, after the IG Farben cartel aided the Nazis in their extermination spree, the only slap on the wrist came in the form of breaking up the cartel?

Does this show that you can take a company out of the Nazi worldview era, but you can't take the Nazi worldview era out of a company?

DdC's picture
DdC 6 years 4 weeks ago

Now they have distribution rights for sativex, cannabis sublingual spray legal in Canada and expanding to Europe under GW Pharmaceuticals. Nice to legislate prohibition of competition. Too Big Too Giveashit!

Bayer has been killing bees!
In addition to finding clothianidin too dangerous to use on plants pollinated by bees, EFSA's study specifically identifies as too flawed to be useful the shoddy studies provided by pesticide manufacturer Bayer as evidence of clothianidin's safety.

Reefer Madness, Anslinger, Hearst, Bayer, Farben II, Demonization

I.G.Farben, Dupont, Ford, Hearst, Frankenfoods, Prohibition

Concerning the history of Bayer AG and other companies
Some of the great pharmaceutical companies of today owe their existence to profits from the trade of heroin and morphine in an era which laid the foundations for the self-perpetuating cycles of addiction to these drugs inmodern society.

At the turn of the century Bayer were applying the same mass-marketing tactics to heroin as it had used so successfully with aspirin. Bayer's international advertising campaign promoted heroin as a panacea for infant respiratory ailments. (page 207)

The following passage in a letter from the company to the camp in Auschwitz demonstrates the attitude of I.G. Farben to the subjects of it drug testing program:

NeoConflicts of Interest
Bush Barthwell & Drugs
MJ Research Cut as Support Grows
Bush Barthwell & Bayer

Bayer, Hoechst AG, IG Farben and Nazi Germany google
In 1932 IG gave Adolf Hitler its full support during the election and so Hitler was presented with the Chancellorship of Germany. Without the support of the IG and the rest of the German monopolies and cartels, Hitler could not have won his political fight. And the German industrialists could see that without Hitler their empires would crumble.

Bayer, Monsanto killing bees with patented chemicals
Philipp Mimkes, spokesman for the German-based Coalition Against Bayer Dangers, said: "We have been pointing out the risks of neonicotinoids for almost 10 years now. This proves without a doubt that the chemicals can come into contact with bees and kill them. These pesticides shouldn’t be on the market."

Imidacloprid, another neonicotinoid patented by Bayer Cropsciences that has been banned in France and Germany for its affect on bees, is also used widely in the U.S.

Latest buzz on bee decline: Maybe it's pesticides
☛Blamed for Bee Collapse, Monsanto Buys Bee Research Firm
☛Bayer has been killing bees!
☛Bees, Weed and HIV
☛Help Stop the Monsanto Protection Act
☛Worst bee die-off in 40 years
☛Wind turbines

Agent Orange and "Super Orange"
Since the 1980s, several lawsuits have been filed against the companies who produced Agent Orange, among them Dow Chemical, Monsanto, and Diamond Shamrock (which produced 5%. These herbicides were developed during the 1940s by independent teams in England and the United States for use in controlling broad-leaf plants.

Monsanto/US War on Drugs Poisoning Colombian Environment
"This spraying campaign is equivalent to the Agent Orange devastation of Vietnam -- a disturbance the wildlife and natural ecosystems have never recovered from," said Dr. David Olson, director of the World Wildlife Fund's conservation science program. "And it is occurring on the watch of the current Congress and [executive] administration, supported by taxpayer dollars."

Risk and Responsibility in Chemical Research: The Case of Agent Orange
Risk as well as responsibility for the agent have shifted significantly since its discovery, from the original inventor of a new compound, via the industrial manufacturer of a dioxin-contaminated herbicide, to the user of the impure agent as tactical chemical weapon in Vietnam.

Agent Orange inventor Monsanto Inc. strikes a deal with UIUC U2b
Video by Truth on Tuesday, March 3, 2009
What if I told you that the company that invented Agent Orange, artificial sweeteners, Posilac (milk-cow/bovine growth hormone), GMOs, etc. was coming to Champaign to enlighten us about their new "green revolution?"� Well, it doesn't much matter because Monsanto Inc. are coming, whether you like it or not.

Who Invented Agent Orange?
There are three companies that produced Agent Orange (main ingredient is Trioodobenzoic acid). They are Dow Chemicals, Monsanto and Diamond Shamrock. The earliest form of Triiodobenzoic acid, was studied by Arthur Galston, but for use as a plant growth hormone.

Wall street's Spontaneous Abortionists

David_Selig's picture
David_Selig 6 years 1 week ago

I don't understand - how is this white supremacy?

e-nonym's picture
e-nonym 6 years 1 week ago

Tommy (the Cork) can you hear me?

nora's picture
nora 6 years 6 days ago

An Unbroken Chain

This is how white supremacy applies:

It's an unbroken chain from Nazi so-called Aryan/'white' supremacist eugenics/extermination programs hand-in-hand with the expertise of these companies to their corporate progeny today, imo.

e-nonym's picture
e-nonym 6 years 6 days ago
Quote nora:

An Unbroken Chain

This is how white supremacy applies:

It's an unbroken chain from Nazi so-called Aryan/'white' supremacist eugenics/extermination programs hand-in-hand with the expertise of these companies to their corporate progeny today, imo.

The chain was broken, when Bush's last hurrah of American fascism failed. His father, the old boys at CIA, Tommy the Cork, and the fascists of the thirties got everything they wanted, delivered with a flag and a cross, just like always.

The apologists for Bush and fascism have as their only recourse, a petulant cry that "Obama is the same thing, we weren't so bad!"

Those of use who remember almost breaking through the last stubborn link of the chain in the 1990s have no ability to succumb to this pretense.

We can only watch as our lives fade away, and a bunch of stupid people with no idea what even happened replace us.


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