Now, can you BEGIN to IMAGINE the absolute "field day", that the "Kool-Aid-drinking", nit-witted, closed-minded, political minions at Fox "so-called" News would have, if ANY (and I repeat, ANY) of the following were true about an incoming DEMOCRATIC President? "Ditto" for the rest of the LEGIONS of "wrong-wing" media clowns out there, today, and how they'd be "howling at the tops of their voices", if such were true?

[Spoiler/Hint: For those keeping score, here's a "heads up" - the "correct" answer to EVERY ONE of the following questions (as you'd fully expect), is that THERE'S NEVER been one"! NOT ONE! And for that matter, there, almost assuredly, never will be!]

But with that said, here we go:

WHO was the last DEMOCRATIC President to have a pre-election affinity and admiration for a sitting, Russian President, who REMAINS one of America's most insidious and cunning foreign heads of government?

WHO was the last DEMOCRATIC President to ever “muzzle” an ENTIRE cabinet branch (namely, the EPA), in his very first week in office? Who?

And WHO was the last DEMOCRATIC President to IMMEDIATELY remove from the White House’s own website - literally, at the very moment he assumed office - ANYTHING associated with SCIENTIFIC FACT – and especially information related to, quite literally, a WORLDWIDE, environmental catastrophe (of existential proportions), no less?

WHO was the last DEMOCRATIC President who had a very senior official/adviser (that evil genius, Steve Bannon) to effectively tell the media to just “keep its mouth shut” and to, in essence, listen to the President? Indeed, the actual quote from Bannon - the ultimate, "rebel without a clue" - is as follows: "The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while.” Riiiighhhhttttttt. Well, sadly enough for "Stevie", there's this pesky little thing called the "First Amendment", that kind of slaps you're fat face back into reality on that one, so... Nice try, anyway there Beavis!

WHO was the last DEMOCRATIC President who had a chief operative , with a straight face, attempt to explain away an atrociously paltry, and bare bones, inauguration day crowd, by actually stating (with a straight face) that the new President is prone to simply using “alternative facts” (aka BOLD-FACED LIES, etc.)?! Really? Was this NOT a joke? It would seem that we're all still waiting for "Kellyanne" (Sarah Palin's apparent, media clown, successor) to say she was joking, but hey. to date, that has yet to occur, so......As Burt Reynolds once uttered "We are DEFINITELY in trouble".

And WHO was the last DEMOCRATIC President to put an IMMEDIATE and ABSOLUTE, 90-day ban on the entry of ANY person from one of seven countries (mostly, MUSLIM-majority countries ~ roughly upwards of 218 million people!) – including WOMEN AND CHILDREN in desperate need of safe haven / assistance!!

WHO was the last DEMOCRATIC President to not only have been “purported” to be a “billionaire”, at the time he assumed office (Nope. Sorry. JFK and FDR don't quite fit that bill), but further jab his steely knife into the guts of the poor and middle-classes, by audaciously and cartoonishly selecting a cabinet whose net worth ranges between 6 and 14 BILLION dollars, collectively – depending on whose estimate you rely upon. THINK ABOUT THAT! These are the most trusted advisors most Presidents listen to and yet ANYONE is supposed to BEGIN to believe that these Oligarchical "weasels" would even waste a moment paying even lip service to the wants and needs of the remaining "99%" of the American populace - especially those who are suffering and living pay check to paycheck, in the poor and lower middle classes?

To this point, it's been reported the bottom one-third of American households have a - get this - combined "net" worth of "negative" $50 billion (yes, that's with a "b"). Yes, you read that correctly - a combined NEGATIVE, "net worth" of some $50 billion. And so, how exactly, are the incoming cabinet members supposed to REMOTELY be “in economic touch” with the America's "99%" - and especially, the bottom third of that group?

“Politifact“, in a recent piece, stated that “the Urban Institute think tank, using the Federal Reserve Board's Survey of Consumer Finances data, found that families near the top had a 70 percent increase in income from 1963 to 2013, while the income of families at the bottom stayed roughly the same”.

Thus, I reiterate, who in the WORLD would be so shockingly naive enough to believe that ANY of "Gump's" closest/cabinet advisors will have any economic concerns and/or political priorities in line with "at least" "33%" of the American public, and for all intents and purposes, up to "99%" of the living, breathing US citizens in this country TODAY?!

In continuing, WHO was the last DEMOCRATIC President to be such a political CARTOON figure, such that the person he, officially, nominated to run the Dept of Energy (fmr TX Gov. Rick Perry) famously stated in a GOP debate (or at least, tried to do so, although his poor memory and/or low IQ got in the way) was in favor of "getting rid of it", altogether! I kid you not! And THIS is "Gump's" pick to run the Dept. of Energy?!

Not only that, but concerning the person "Gump" selected to head the Dept. of Education (Betsy DeVos~ also a political cartoon, and from a "billionaire" family), not only did neither she, nor her children, NOT attend "public" schools, at any point in their lives, but throughout her "public life", she has continually and repeatedly, fought AGAINST the advancement of "publicly-funded" education, and in favor of charter schools, etc. (which have commonly ended up shafting children from poor families, when meager "school vouchers" are tapped out, leaving them tunable to afford to attend the "charter" school they really want to attend. Go figure! In fact, some have even privately accused "Betsy" of wanting to abolish the Dept of Education, altogether! Doh! Buy hey, without rolling out the rest of this comical, "laundry list" of incompetents and misfits, myself, I'll merely refer you/defer to the following news links, as they seem to make the aforementioned point, quite well:

Well, enough for today's little quiz, but hey, you've got to remember that this list STILL does not even include, or allude to the FACT, that YES, "Gump" (and his operatives'), DID effectively "STEAL" the US Presidency in Nov, 2016 - which is completely unsurprising given that the modern-era GOP, truth be told, ALSO STOLE the Presidency from BOTH Al Gore in 2000, and John Kerry, in 2004, although through slightly different means.

Now, with the aforementioned in mind, and merely as an interesting, little exercise, listed below are the “CORE” tenets of "FASCISM", as listed by one of many online reference sites (which happens to be "Wikipedia", in this case.). Now, just take a look through the list below and see exactly how many of the following FASCIST “traits” you see in “The Gumpinator” and his ever-growing, "Clown Car CONservative" administration – merely by witnessing his very first week in office! Go on. Just be prepared to fully "crap your pants" as, it’s truly shocking, to say the least! Indeed, "God forbid", and "God help us", for what's yet to unfold!

· Nationalism
· Totalitarianism
· Anti-democratic thought
· One-party state
· Personality cult
· Dictatorship
· Militarism
· Direct action
· Mixed economy
· Class collaboration
· Third Position
· New Man
· Imperialism
· Social order

In closing, it would be quite prudent for each and every one of us (at least those who are not in the CONservative “Clown Car/Posse") to remember the sagacious words of Edmund Burke, who once said:

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing"

And, in a similar comment, this:

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold ,is for people of good conscience to remain silent"

Democrats Need To Reclaim the Word Freedom Now

Thom plus logo The big debate among democratic circles is about the word socialism. It really needs to be about the word freedom. Billionaires claim that freedom means no taxes for the billionaires. Industrialists claim that freedom means no regulation for their industries.