Anyone with a remote sense of intellect can see that the uber-important gauge of “economic interests of “the 99%” -and especially the “the 90%” - alone, of Americans, are CLEARLY served by the political platform of the Democrats. Yet, shockingly enough, and due to either the utter political ignorance, innate racism and bigotry of the sizable portion of the American electorate that willfully allow themselves to be “politically brainwashed by the evil, truly anti-99% lies, oligarchic, fascism pro-robber baron “spin” and utter delusion of FOX “so-called” News, day in and day out, in addition to those of a intellectually and/or politically and lazy,“leming-like” nature, and part of the long-obvious, “closed-minded”, audaciously hypocritical, pretentious and truly, “pro-money-changer”,”church -going” crowd, whose “reflexive” biases and treatment towards America’s “ethic” populations and financially-less-fortunate, “non-church-going” elements in America, are nothing less than “anti-Christian”, truth be told (!), as well as your slither of remaining neo-Nazis, psychopaths, sociopaths, etc., and, otherwise, anti-social types who are indifferent to even the slightest aspects of morality and humanity, America ends up - in ELECTION cycle after ELECTION cycle, NOT with a 90% - 10 %, AND automatic, “Democratic” win, all around America - NO!

Bewilderingly and shockingly, what America ALWAYS ends up having, INSTEAD, in its elections (and DESPITE this 90% - 10% “economic interest” edge, per se) are “nearly-even” races (WT*?!) or, worse, and more often than not, in recent decades - especially in large swaths of America’s “so-called, Bible belt” / “pro-slavery” states (My - HOW “Christian” they are) are wins for the “legislative terrorists of America’s poor and middle-classes, the “Greed-over-people” party (aka, the GOP)! You know, those diabolical and uber-selfish “excuses for human beings”, who are “thoroughly” and “reflexively” servile to the interests of the “fascistic-minded”, oligarchs and robber barons of the “1%” of Americans!! That’s right! The economic interests of America’s “1%” have LONG been running “even”, or “winning out” (wink, wink!) over the economic interests of America’s “99%”!! WT*?! Has THAT EVER sunk in, with America’s “thinking” and remotely-attentive citizens? Has it, really?! CLEARLY, given the FACTS of the GOP’s agenda, it truly does boggle the mind as to how there would EVEN be a race in our “national elections”, and not have clear, permanent “Democratic majorities” in both houses of Congress, decade after decade. But, oh no - THIS is Gordon Gecko-emulating America, where “mammon” is God - NOT the deity, him or herself. Now, how utterly INSANE is that?!

But then again, the diabolical, anti-99% party, aka the “wrong wing” or RepubliCONS (pick your term), DOES has long had the benefit of “election season help” in the form of the democracy-killing, “Citizens United” Supreme “Corporate (or Court) decision of 2010 (allowing endless supplies of “dark”/ unpublished, “robber baron” money into politics - again, due to GOP efforts Hello!), the cowardly and politically-traitorous “voter suppression” laws - no longer relegated to just in “the red(neck)”, GOP states, whose “poor white and ethnic populations have , in turn, been utterly-betrayed by their GOP politicians (i.e., those reflexive and servile puppets” of said “robber baron” crowd), as well as the politically-traitorous and increasingly-abusive practice of “gerrymandering” (which has been taken to “obscene” levels, as of late), by the GOP, in their last two redistricting map “revisions” (in 2000 & 2010), in addition to the democracy-poisoning effect of that “corporate and politically-traitorous”, GOP mouthpiece, called Fox “so-called” News, and it’s “spinning” and blaring out, of the GOP’s “anti-99%” propaganda, and utter lies - “24/ 7” - and last, but not least, the GOP’s long-running “election season chicanery” of their “dirty tricks ops” - and, now, often done by “digital” means (wink, wink) - and THIS has yet to even mention the CURRENT “wolf pack” of nefarious hackers and “digital bots” of America’s longtime, political adversary- none other than RUSSIA.

Indeed, Reagan’s likely been “spinning in his grave” ever since Benedict Donald took office!). And yet, the political traitor-enabling GOP, and “Don the Con’s admin, have flatly, and yet predictably (with their party over people mantra), shockingly REFUSED to do ANYTHING, of substance, about this SLOW MOVING GOP/RUSSIAN/FASCISTIC COUP we’ve seen, “to date”. Indeed, WT*?!. In fact, THAT problem is even NOW being unimpeded and ramped up, as we speak, so as to “STEAL” so many UNDUE seats, in the upcoming, 2018 and 2020 elections, for the GOP! Yes, this ONGOING RUSSIAN ATTACK on America’s social and political systems will, of course, go down with impunity, once AGAIN, as the GOP-controlled Congress has YET to do anything, and logic would dictate that they NEVER REALLY WILL.

So, NOW, if you take ALL of those factors into account, you do BEGIN to see, indeed, HOW the GOP continues to turn a “statistically-anticipated” and theoretically, “more-representative” and, actually, “ethical” presidential election result of say 90% -10% - one in favor of the “CLEARLY-pro-99%” Democrats - and then diabolically turn it into a “50 - 50, “EVEN” race - or even a WIN by the GOP, as we’ve long seen, in certain racist, bigoted, southern and/or pseudo-Christian regions of this country (wink, wink), in election cycle after election cycle, sadly enough!

NO, oddly enough, and for one reason or another, America has “NEVER” had anything CLOSE to a 90% -10% national election result (for EITHER party), DESPITE the fact that from an economic interest and demographic perspectives, one REALLY would expect it to be- an in the Democratic favor, f course! But no the “pro-robber baron”, “anti-99%” crowd - the Greed-Over- People party (aka the GOP), they ALWAYS seem to garner something close to a “45-50% share, shockingly enough. So WHAT? Are millions of Americans merely politically lazy? Ignorant? Just too racist to do what’s best for America’s “99%”? WHAT is it? What truly explains how this “insanity” could continue to happen, in election cycle after election cycle, in a “so-called”, politically-astute democracy? Well, CLEARLY America is NOT THAT, indeed. NO, other more nefarious factors, as we all know, drives this non-democratic INSANITY.

So, IF you think that what’s left of our “functioning” American “democracy” can survive such a logic-killing, politically-calamitous and obscene notion, of a MERE “1%” of the American population, having SUCH financial influence over our political system,that they are able to garner upwards of 45 to 50 % of “THEIR” political representatives into office, in EACH and EVERY election cycle, then YOU are clearly naive and/or DELUSIONAL. Seriously.

This blaring and OUTRAGEOUS crisis of our country having been heinously and politically “hijacked” by the “robber baron and billionaire crowd”, in recent decades, via their use of their ungodly and democracy killing, financial advantage/influence on Capitol Hill, their lies and race-baiting (via their party’s “propaganda mouthpiece, Fox “so-called” News), as well as outright cheating (outright, voter suppression, election day intimidation of ethnics, digital “chicanery, as exposed by the ever widening, exit polls-related “red shift” - just look that one up, of late), in America’s elections, is EXACTLY WHY we NO LONGER HAVE a “functioning democracy, in America! And we NEVER WILL, AGAIN - until “some” kind of sense and honesty is restored to America’s political system! And “maybe”, a good place to start, is with the direly-needed reversal of Citizen’s United (endless dark money in politics), the abolition of the heinously-dishonest practice of “gerrymandering” and replacement with “non-partisan-based” redistricting, and yes, given that the Democrats currently HAVE NO truly, non-corporate-controlled/edited Democratic media apparatus or network of their own (I.e., TV and radio apparatus) - one that would, AT LEAST, match the market coverage of Fox “so-called” News and “wrong-wing”, hate radio” (who’ve had a twenty-year-plus head start” on the Dems!) and THEN maybe - MAYBE - we can “begin” to “correct” America’s political and moral compass, and BEGIN to have a truly, functioning democracy, in America, once again.

So, for Go’s sake, register to vote if you haven’t, VERIFY your registration before an election (to ensure the GOP hasn’t politically sabotaged YOU, as they have so many, in recent years) and for goodness sake, VOTE out the GOP’s “legislative terrorists to the poor and middle-classes”, ONCE and FOR ALL!



Riverplunge's picture
Riverplunge 1 year 49 weeks ago
  • People are ill equipped to vote sanely. The NEWS media is one sided and perverted.
  • People rally in sports, but shut their minds off when it comes to politics.
  • Cognitive Dissonance keeps people's mind rigid and not open to new thougts.
  • GOP are geniuses; presenting and implementing their schemes and theft.
  • (most) Democrats don't have think tanks. They need to think like the opposition.
  • Democrats have the truth on their side they need to be rough about it.
  • (most) Democrats are more afraid of being re-elected than shouting truth.
  • (almost) All Democrats can't handle "over talkers"

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