Poor & Middle Class "GOP" Voters: Exactly WHAT PLANET are you living on?

Anyone with a remote sense of intellect AND honesty can CLEARLY see, AND concede, that the “economic interests" of “the 99%” - and especially those within the “bottom 50%” of incomes, in America, are CLEARLY and ONLY served by the political platform and legislative agenda of the DEMOCRATS. It's just an ABSOLUTE FACT. Case closed. Next case!

Yet, shockingly enough, over the last few decades, and due to either utter, political ignorance, innate racism and/or bigotry, by a sizable portion (upwards of 35% or so?) of the American electorate, that willfully allows themselves to be “politically brainwashed by the morally-bankrupt, uber-duplicitous, "anti-99%" lies, and oligarchic, fascistic and pro-robber baron “spin” of FOX “so-called” News (day in and day out), America has, INSTEAD, astoundingly witnessed the repeated political tragedy of the GOP in an effective, “dead heat” with the Democrats, in national election cycle after national election!

And yet, WHO are the ones ultimately responsible for AIDING and ABETTING the “Anti-99%”, GOP in this utter political travesty? WHO is it that CONTINUES to electorally prop up the GOP and allow them to CONTINUE their diabolical “Contract ON America” by shredding every last vestige of equal opportunity, egalitarianism and every other noble aspect of our waning, and "barely-functioning" democracy? Well, let's just take a look and see.

On the one hand, we clearly have the unrepentant and uber-defiant racists, who fit in nicely with what some refer to as "America’s” basket of moral deplorables”.

And “in this corner”, we have the bewildering, politically-misguided and democracy-threatening, political “dupes”- those who may be accurately described as "politically" or "intellectually" incurious or lazy and, thus, are grossly irresponsible excuses for “so-called” adults and American citizens, on that basis alone. Yes, THESE are typically the pathetic and generally-clueless, “leming-like” creatures, who consistently and mindlessly “just go along to get along”, no matter the circumstance, and just embrace just whatever racist, "gun-fetishing", uber-selfish, ignorant and/or economically self-defeating political sentiments that their fellow GOP-stooge neighbors, and/or co-workers (who are more brash and assertive), “excrete” daily, whether it’s in the company break room, or in another public forum.

And, for goodness sakes, let us NOT forget what some may argue as being the most disgusting segment among this bunch - hilariously-transparent, painfully-hypocritical, "ReligiFRAUDs” and “self-professed”, Chreeestians”. Indeed, HOW would ANYONE ever know these “religi-FRAUDs” were even “Christians, in the first place, if they didn’t (incessantly) tell us? Right? Ah yes. Now, doesn’t THIS lot just SO remind you of Christ, given their reliable and unwavering political vote for the “soulless” and diabolical agenda of the GOP’s “legislative terrorists”, and their incessant, legislative assaults on America’s “poor” and “middle-classes”? Indeed, this haughty, finger-pointing, self-righteous, uber-indignant, “closed-minded” and audaciously- hypocritical and pretentious STOOGES for the robber barons and America’s soulless “money-changers” are so, CLEARLY, “Anti-CHRISTIAN”, that it truly takes one’s breath away. Indeed, their perennial and “reflexive” biases, contempt and obscene views and negative treatment towards America’s “poor”, economically-vulnerable and “ethnic” populations - and especially for those who do not follow, some might say, their reckless lead, by attending the closed-minded, and GOP-friendly, brainwashing and reality-suspension sessions they have every week at their local "church" (aka "tax-free racket") - are truly astounding, and COMPLETELY COUNTER to that of a REAL “Christian”, to say the least!.

And the last, but not least, of this remaining, bewildering lot of “poor” and “middle-class” voters, who befuddlingly, and despicably, vote AGAINST their own economic interests (!), in ELECTION after ELECTION, via their vote for the GOP (WT*?!), might generally be described as your “run-of-the-mill”, societal outcasts and morally bankrupt individuals - i.e., anyone ranging from say, “neo-Nazis”, to the “yet-to-be-uncommitted”, slightly below the radar, psychopaths, sociopaths and/or any other form of “anti-social” types out there, who are clearly indifferent to fostering and maintaining any sense of a moral fabric in our society, or display even the slightest aspects of morality and humanity. And, there you have it, that 30 to 35% or so of America’s “basket of deplorables”, more or less, as HRC once cogently and audaciously quipped.

But, in the end, no matter how one might ultimately describe or characterize this 30 - 35% of “politically-misguided”, economically self-defeating and “FAUX News-brainwashed”, “deplorables” segment within America’s electorate (most of whom, again, are in the “poor” or “middle-class” demographic), THESE are the "so-called" citizens who are speedily, perilously and mindlessly running America - “Thelma and Louise-style”- right off of the "political cliff, and straight down into an Orwellian nightmare/ abyss! Indeed, it’s THIS group’s clear and obscene levels of “gullibility” and/or moral-deficiency/bankruptcy that appear to induce this very lot to reliably march into the voting booth, in ELECTION cycle after ELECTION cycle, and defiantly cast their painfully-misguided and self-defeating vote FOR the financial interests of their “pro-robber baron" and ANTI-99%, “”puppeteers” at FAUX News, rather than THEIR OWN! And THAT, is clearly inexcusable!

Indeed, given how THIS “grossly-irresponsible, reckless and economically-self-defeating” political segment, within America, incessantly props up, AIDS and ABETS the GOP and their soulless “Contract ON America”, their rabid “Jones” to DE-FUND EVERY social, environmental and consumer-protection-related program in existence (hello!) and the GOP’s diabolical “glee” in their never-ending attempt to increasingly widen America’s already-despicable “economic divide” and legislatively excrete upon every remaining decent and egalitarian aspect of our democracy, THIS lot has VERY much earned its moniker of “basket of (political) deplorables”, indeed!

So, without question, it’s THIS destructive political sector in America who, whether through political laziness or indifference, or merely to have their own “racist” or “reckless gun-fetish” views publicly “stroked”, periodically, by their favorite “RepugnantCON”/ "religiFRAUD" candidate, at some televised, political rally, that this despicable political segment has so thoroughly earned its despicable reputation for being (witting, or unwitting) political “accomplices”, in the GOP’s incessant attempt of destroying every last, remaining vestige of our “functioning” democracy.

And YET, with that said, what these politically-misguided fools have ALWAYS failed to realize, is that it is , INDEED, the “Democrats” - yes, the “DEMOCRATS” - who’ve not only been the long-running, social, economic and moral “conscience” of this country, but ALSO the ONE and ONLY, political champion for America’s “poor” and “middle-classes”. Yes, the “Democrats (and Progressives, especially!) that have been the ONLY “Sheriff in town”, when it comes to fiercely protecting these critical economic and social interests of ALL “poor” and “middle-class” citizens in this country - EVEN for the aforementioned, despicable group of racists, reckless gun fetishists and GOP stooges within that 30-35% segment of America’s political “deplorables”!

So, WHY DOES America have this clear, democracy-destroying political disease amongst it’s poor and middle-class citizens, anyway? Exactly WHAT IS IT that consistently drives this duped and/or politically-misinformed lot to “shoot themselves in their own economic feet”, in every election, by casting their vote for their CLEAR political ENEMY - the GOP?

Is it merely that they cannot seem to have the will or even the intelligence, to turn off that “pro-robber-baron”, democracy-destroying LIE FACTORY and overall “media cancer”, “FAUX News”/Ruse?

Or could it be that they have just been so utterly and thoroughly “brainwashed”, scammed and propagandized by “Fox Ruse”, over several years, that they would now, reflexively, and REPEATEDLY vote “for” their “clear” political enemy (the “RepugnantCONS”) -a party that actually gives the poor and middle-classes NOTHING but duplicitous and dismissive “lip-service”, commits acts of legislative terrorism against them and tops it all off by privately laughing behind the backs of this lot of poor and middle-class political dupes/stooges, once an election’s over?

Or could this bewildering group of misguided voters have SUCH a sad, long-entrenched and catastrophic devotion to that uber-duplicitous, “media cancer, Fox “so-called” News that they’ve now been so thoroughly “conditioned” that they reflexively vote FOR the financial interests of their “real” political enemy - the “legislative terrorists” of the GOP, rather than their TRUE, political defenders and champions, the Democrats/Progressives? Apparently so, given their continuing to remain clueless about the GOP’s decades-long mission to DESTROY and ROB this very group of uber-gullible, “political/GOP stooges”, at EVERY legislative turn, of its “hard-earned taxes”, and brazenly redirect said funds (via even MORE tax cuts, tax breaks or environmental or financial “deregulation”), right on into the slimy, ultra-deep pockets of the shockingly-undue, morbidly rich and soulless creeps of America’s “top1%” demographic - the GOP’s ONLY, true, political constituency. Exactly WHAT explains this clear, perennial, political tragedy, America?! Indeed, some might even argue that it’s a political version of the “Stockholm Syndrome”. But, whatever the case, the fact remains that we, as a nation, MUST quickly seek an effective, political antidote to this abhorrent and wretched, political sickness that’s swept our great land, as our democracy’s long-term survival (at least its “functioning” aspects) could very well depend upon it!

Now, with all that said, WHAT kinds of victory margins do we ultimately end up with, percentage-wise, in every election cycle? Well, if logic truly dictated, America would CLEARLY, and consistently, end up with an “overwhelming” and “quite lopsided” victory in favor of the “Democratic/Progressive Party - the “99%’s” ONLY “Political Sheriff” and legislative champion. But, shockingly enough, how does it ACTUALLY turn out, instead, in almost every national election? No, not anything CLOSE to say the “90% - 10 % (+/-) Democratic “WIN” one might expect, but RATHER, something closer to a “50-50” split, after all the votes are finally “counted” (wink, wink). And yet, in large swaths of America’s so-called, “Bible Belt” (aka “Pro-slavery”~ wink, wink) states, it gets even more insane, in that the party that SOLELY represents the financial and legislative interests of America’s “1%”, even WINS elections in those areas!

In fact, in recent years, and especially in America’s “key battleground” states, we’re even witnessing the quite-incriminating, and significantly-widening exit poll “red shift” effect, whereby “exit poll” data has been “shifting red” to the point that it is in some cases 3 to 5 times more than the accepted standard used to differentiate election fraud! And so THIS clear sign of GOP election fraud, along with additional help from the GOP’s recent “gerrymandering-related” shenanigans, and one can start to understand the HOW and WHY of the GOP’s recent, inexplicable victories have allowed them to gain control of Congress !!

I mean, is THIS how a "presumably and sufficiently-informed electorate is supposed to work? Or one wherein a HUGE swath of voters have, quite literally, because of Citizens United, blatant and unethical voter suppression scams and a 24/7 GOP mouthpiece that’s been thoroughly and defiantly "brainwashing and propagandizing" the reckless gun fetishists, shameless racists, the politically lazy and incurious to the point that THIS kind of “close” election result could even occur, in the first place?

So, America is supposed to believe that the political will of the “1%” can legitimately, and unsurprisingly, pull even with - and even win over the political interests of America’s “99%”, in politically “red”(neck) states and that nobody would think anything strange of that, at all? Really? You mean, "THIS", is the kind of election result one should actually expect, in the wealthiest country on the planet, where one would presumably expect to see the most politically-educated and politically-well-read, on said planet? THIS? Really? Why, THIS kind of election result is nothing less than what one would clearly expect to associate with a third-world, semi-literate, “Banana Republic”, de facto dictatorship or that that plays out, time and again, in the land of that serial-lying, and serial-murdering, PUTIN, in Russia! Yet, we still THIS America, with a “straight face”?!

Well, just let all of this “sink in” to your brain, America - IF that’s even possible, in this era of “2-second attention spans” and screen-addictive/dependent, and politically-inattentive, so-called adults. For crying out loud, the economic interests of America’s “1%” have LONG been running “even”, or even “winning out” (wink, wink!) over the economic interests of America’s “99%”!! WT*?! Given the FACTS of the GOP’s true, ANTI-99% agenda, it truly does boggle the mind as to how there would EVEN be a race, in our “national elections”, rather than repeated and lopsided victories and permanent “Democratic majorities” in both houses of Congress, decade after decade. But, oh no - THIS is Gordon Gecko-emulating America, where “mammon” is God - NOT the deity, him or herself. Now, how utterly INSANE is that?!

But then again, the diabolical, “ANTI-99% party, aka the “wrong wing” or “RepubliCONS” (pick your term), HAS long had the benefit of “election season help”, in the form of the democracy-killing, “Citizens United” Supreme “Corporate (or Court) decision of 2010 (allowing endless supplies of “dark”/ unpublished, “robber baron” money into politics - again, due to GOP efforts Hello!), the cowardly and politically-traitorous “voter suppression” laws - no longer relegated to just in “the red(neck)”, GOP states, whose “poor white and ethnic populations have , in turn, been utterly-betrayed by their GOP politicians (i.e., those reflexive and servile puppets” of said “robber baron” crowd), as well as the politically-traitorous and increasingly-abusive practice of “gerrymandering” (which has been taken to “obscene” levels, as of late), by the GOP, in their last two redistricting map “revisions” (in 2000 & 2010), in addition to the democracy-poisoning effect of that “corporate and politically-traitorous”, GOP mouthpiece, called Fox “so-called” News, and it’s “spinning” and blaring out, of the GOP’s “anti-99%” propaganda, and utter lies - “24/ 7” - and last, but not least, the GOP’s long-running “election season chicanery” of their “dirty tricks ops” - and, now, often done by “digital” means (wink, wink) - and THIS has yet to even mention the CURRENT “wolf pack” of nefarious hackers and “digital bots” of America’s longtime, political adversary- none other than RUSSIA.

Indeed responsible Americans s simply cannot stand by, and repeatedly and naively repeat "kumbaya", click their ruby red slippers together and expect the egregiously and recklessly evil among us to instantly turn a leaf and do what's remotely moral with their vote. The GOP's evil political agenda will simply not begin to cease unless Americans begin full-throatedly and repeatedly putting a blaring hot spotlight on their political iniquity. The nauseating, weak-kneed, lily-livered, schoolmarm approach, that's tantamount to bringing a plastic butter knife to a NYC alley fight is EXACTLY the reason why so many spineless "Liberals'" have NOT won the MANY more elections that they clearly should have by now. Indeed, that "fear of being direct, forward, unrelenting and VOCAL about the TRUTH, surrounding the GOP's "legislative terrorism" agenda towards America's poor and middle classes, has played a BIG role in sabotaging myriad Democratic victories "that could have been" theirs for the taking, and yet NOW, this country's poor and middle-classes are left to pay a heavy price, on so many levels, because of that very flawed 'kumbaya", "Golly gee Beav" mentality. Indeed, it's that repeated and sickening mistake of trying to "kill the GOP competition with politeness", that's just so bewildering. Yeah, just try that moronic approach in an effort to try and get ANY Democratic message through to the "hard-headed, closed-minded, Fox Ruse-drunk lot of political hooligans in the today's GOP's "base"! Indeed, that cartoonish approach has NEVER BEEN a viable option, and it ESPECIALLY isn't so now! I mean, "clearly", if you DON'T immediately call out the GOP's "political evil players", and their "politically cancerous" agendas, they WILL, without a doubt, and without any intervention, induce even more unspeakable future harm to America's poor and middle-classes! And sometime soon, and probably a lot sooner than you think, it's just going to be a little to late to finally "man up" and fight the GOP. No, at THAT time, you'll be relegated to bending down on one knee, opening wide and accepting the Orwellian and fascistic "economic poisons" the GOP will be gratuitously shoving down your throat, for the sole benefit of their robber baron puppeteers and principal campaign donors! Bon Appetit!

Indeed, IF you really think that "what’s left of" our “functioning” American “democracy”, can actually survive such a logic-killing, politically-calamitous and obscene notion, of a MERE “1%” of the American population, having SUCH financial influence over our political system,that they are able to garner upwards of 45 to 50 % of ”THEIR” political representatives into office, in EACH and EVERY election cycle, then YOU are clearly naive and/or DELUSIONAL. Seriously.

Without question, America is NOW in a true and sobering CRISIS, as it has, undoubtedly, been heinously and politically “hijacked” by the “robber baron and billionaire crowd”, in recent decades, via their use of their ungodly and democracy killing, financial advantage/influence on Capitol Hill, their lies and race-baiting (via their party’s “propaganda mouthpiece, Fox “so-called” News), as well as outright cheating (outright, voter suppression, election day intimidation of ethnics, digital “chicanery, as exposed by the ever widening, exit polls-related “red shift” - just look that one up, of late), in America’s elections, is EXACTLY WHY we NO LONGER HAVE a “functioning democracy, in America! And we NEVER WILL, AGAIN - until “some” kind of sense and honesty is restored to America’s political system! And “maybe”, a good place to start, is with the direly-needed reversal of Citizen’s United (endless dark money in politics), the abolition of the heinously-dishonest practice of “gerrymandering” and replacement with “non-partisan-based” redistricting, and yes, given that the Democrats currently HAVE NO truly, non-corporate-controlled/edited Democratic media apparatus or network of their own (I.e., TV and radio apparatus) - one that would, AT LEAST, match the market coverage of Fox “so-called” News and “wrong-wing”, hate radio” (who’ve had a twenty-year-plus head start” on the Dems!) and THEN maybe - MAYBE - we can “begin” to “correct” America’s political and moral compass, and BEGIN to have a truly, functioning democracy, in America, once again.

So, to “recap”, IN THE FUTURE, do yourself a HUGE political favor, “Mr./Mrs. poor and middle- class voter” and REMEMBER THIS

- A VOTE “for” the GOP “IS” a VOTE TO fund even further obscene, and wholly-undue, tax cuts & deregulation for the “top 1%” and Wall Street, by IGNORING, DE-FUNDING, PRIVATIZING and/or DESTROYING:

  • SOCIAL SECURITY (and it’s payouts)
  • CONSUMER protections from banksters/fraudsters & Wall Street corporate “wolves”
  • ENVIRONMENTAL protections against the actions of the nation’s “petro-billionaire” and disastrous, “FOSSIL FUEL ENERGY, SERIAL POLLUTERS of our environment and God’s planet
  • UNION protections
  • ELECTIONS SYSTEM safeguards
  • Programs aimed at fostering political participation & voting

And YET, THIS is merely an “abbreviated list”!

So, AGAIN, Mr. And Mrs. “poor or middle-class”, GOP voter, WAKE UP! Are the ABOVE items what YOU truly stand for? IF NOT, THEN VOTE DEMOCRATIC, as there SIMPLY IS NO OTHER “viable”, political PARTY out there right now that will FIGHT the GOP and their diabolical, poor and middle-class attacking/destroying political agenda!

And for God’s sake, America, BE SURE that you REGISTER to vote (if you haven’t), get like-minded friends to do the very same), VERIFY your registration before an election (to ensure the GOP hasn’t politically sabotaged YOU, as they ALREADY have MILLIONS of American, and to prevent you from being relegated to being handed the “dreaded PROVISIONAL BALLOT) and for goodness sake, GET OUT and ACTUALLY VOTE out the GOP’s “legislative terrorists to the poor and middle-classes”, ONCE and FOR ALL!

And, for as long as "Agent Orange is in the "BLIGHT HOUSE", RESIST!

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